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We are the Number 1 Vehicle Parts Ordering Service for both new and used spares. Gone are the frustrating days of phoning around different breaker yards hoping eventually to find the car parts you are looking for, and then having to drive and pick them up. This invaluable service enables you to save time, money and effort by linking you directly with the car breakers who sell new and used car parts and have the part your looking for and deliver it straight to your door. Breakeryard.com ® has become increasingly aware over the years with the ‘missing link’ between vehicle dismantlers, who hold volumes of quality car engines, gearboxes and used spares, with customers desperate to find them, but don’t know where!
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The Need

Nearly 226 thousand cars and more than 15 thousand commercial vehicles were released for dismantling in 2006. This is some 10 thousand fewer than in the previous year. The share of cars aged 16 years and older sold for dismantling grew to 45 percent in 2006. In 2000 this was still only 22 percent. Cars are lasting longer and longer. Exports of used vehicles still exceed the number of cars dismantled. In 2006 more than 267 thousand vehicles were withdrawn from the Dutch car fleet for exports. This is 6 percent less than in 2005. Roughly half of these cars end up in eastern Europe. (WEB MAGAZINE 17 APRIL 2007 15:00 )
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The Story

Breakeryard.com® was developed after one too many fruitless trips trudging around a local breaker yard and having to make endless calls to other breaker yards but still unable to find a part.
Having damaged one Saab alloy wheel Matt (The Founder) was told he would need to buy a whole set of new wheels, costing well over £500 even though he only wanted one. So using the Internet he finally found a Saab specialist breaker yard which had a replacement alloy and would deliver it the next day complete with the tyre for only £70! This was when the concept for Breakeryard.com ® was conceived, why not develop one website that links up all the breaker yards making it a lot quicker and easier for other people to do the same thing and buy their vehicle parts direct from suppliers within the network? So from humble beginnings in his mother’s garage, and help from IT Expert, Friend and Co-founder Alex, Breakeryard.com ® was created.
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How We Work?

Breakeryard.com ® is simple to use, if you require a part for your car you log onto the site and enter into the search engine your vehicle and part details, then the website allows the relevant breakers yards to view requests in real time. Quotes are sent by text to your mobile phone or emailed directly to you for you to decide which is the best supplier for you, all from the comfort of your own home or workplace. All parts are guaranteed even though they most are used; and customers are known to save up to 80% off the price of a new part from a mainline dealership.
So, no longer do you have to find and get to a breakers yard, especially difficult if the reason you are going there is because your car needs a part to get it back on the road! No longer do you have to then search and climb amongst the many dirty cars in the yard on a cold and wet afternoon, only to have to return home empty handed! And no longer do you need to waste an afternoon calling around breaker yards with the hope that they have that one elusive part. Simply log onto Breakeryard.com ® and let the website do all the work!
We have over 2 Million parts in our computerised warehouse backed up by a National Network that can deliver your order within 24hrs, becoming a one stop shop for every used vehicle spare. Our suppliers are constantly aiming to provide you with unbeatable quality vehicle parts at the lowest prices, in fact if you are not using breakeryard.com ® to source your part, you're probably paying too much!
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We have seen a massive growth in customer satisfaction, with people all over the UK now ordering vehicle spare parts through Breakeryard.com ®....
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