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Braking System


At have a huge selection of brake systems for your car for almost all car makes and models on the market today whatever age they are. You can go through our site and find many brake systems car parts at great prices; we also have all types of high-quality parts such as wings, hood, ECU, body parts, engines and much more, all back up with 100% warranty. With thousands of brake systems stored in our online shop we boast it all. Breakeryard store all car parts that you need fix your car.

Car Brake System Products

The Brake System on your car is one of the most invaluable assets to your car and as years have progressed the brake system has become quite complex and work the hardest than any other car part of your vehicle. There are so many parts involved with the brake system, there are the:

  • Disc brakes which include brake callipers, brake pads, calliper mounting hardware, rotors and much more.
  • Drum brakes which have brake backing plates, brake drums, brake shoe self-adjusters, brake shoes, brake springs, wheel cylinders and much more.
  • Disc and Drum use include brake fluid, steel brake lines, reinforced rubber brake hoses, master cylinder,  power brake booster, proportioning valve, delay valve, metering valve, brake warning lights, park brake cables, levers, and that's just the beginning. Rest assured all are located here.

Brake pads within the brake system have two core parts, the steel back, and the genuine friction part. The steel back is there to sustain the friction; this helps the car come to a complete stop. The friction part and converts moving energy in to heat energy, the resistance involving the car pads and the car discs slows down the car discs and makes heat which is then moved over to the car pads and the discs and then degenerated to the adjacent air flow. The heat is moved around by the temperature of the air circulating around the braking system. This creates a cooling which in turn keeps the brakes cool.
Many things can go wrong with the brake system; you can have a hard brake pedal which is caused by a loss of power to the booster, the only way fix this problem is to rebuild the callipers and add new pads. There is brake fading which involves the pads and rotors becoming hotter and the pads start to separate. Then there is brake squealing which is obviously the car brakes making a loud pitch noise, this happens when the pads are about 80% worn down, the sensors begin to chafe on the rotors. There is the grinding noise which could be just a stone flanked between the brake rotor and the air deflector. There is Brake pedal pulsation which is an out-of-alignment wheel bearing to the rotors that are bent, brake drums that are dented, and rusty spots on the rotors that cause dissimilar surface roughness. Then there is brake pulling where the brakes partially seize the car. Brake grabbing is when you hardly touch the brake pedal and one or more wheels lock up and the car goes into a skid. Brake pedal goes into the floor could be a cause of lack of brake fluid but if this happens whilst you are out driving you ought to stop and call the AA or RAC or similar, it should not be driven until it is fix because this one is potentially dangerous.

How we can help you

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