What is car salvage?

Because cars are such a mass market product with nearly 24 million vehicles on the UK roads alone, then there is always a demand for parts.
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Here's a case study:

Matthew damaged one of the alloy wheels on his car and was told that he would need to buy a whole set of new wheels, costing well over £500. So using the Internet he finally found a specialist Car Salvage Yard which had a replacement alloy and would deliver it the next day complete with a tyre for only £70! This was when the concept for a parts location service was conceived, why not develop one website that links up all of the breakers yards making it a lot quicker and easier for other people to do the same thing and buy their vehicle parts online?. So salvaging parts off a vehicle is a very lucrative business and is appreciated by every car owner who is looking for a deal.

Breakeryard.com and Car Salvage?

So as you can see the breakeryard.com service trawls breakers yards all over the UK for the part you're looking for. This website is simple to use, if a customer requires a part for their car they log onto the website and enter into the search engine the part details, then the website automatically sends an email to all of the relevant yards affiliated with the website nationwide alerting them to the requirement. Quotes are then either text to the customer's mobile phone or emailed directly to them so they can decide which is the best salvage supplier, all from the comfort of their own home or workplace. All parts are guaranteed even though they are used; and customers are known to save up to 80% off the price of a new part. So, no longer do they have to find and get to a yard, especially difficult if the reason they are going there in the first place is because their car needs a part to get it back on the road. No longer do they have to trudge around a salvage yard on a cold and wet afternoon, only to have to return home empty handed. And no longer do they need to waste an afternoon calling around with the hope that they will find that one elusive part. They can now simply log onto the parts location service and let the website do all the work.

Where are Car Salvage businesses found?

Salvage yards are not just for cars but some specialize in commercial which would include Lorries, vans, HGV, etc. and 4x4, motorbikes and other motor vehicles. The yards are found all over the country but the best deals can be found in the north as the Land is generally cheaper meaning they can hold much more stock at a lower cost rate.
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