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Engine repairs regularly strike fear into car owners around the country thanks to their reputation for extortionate costs. Here at we’re here to tell you that this no longer has to be the case, and it’s all thanks to breaker yards. If you have an older model Opel, or even a new Opel-manufactured vehicle just out of warranty, then you can find a perfect replacement engine at a scrap yard for a fraction of the usual cost. has created a platform for suppliers throughout the UK to congregate, meaning you can save time and money by only having to look in one place. Our fast, reliable service has meant lots of satisfied customers have been back on the road in no time, and you could be next.

Wide range of Opel engines

In 1935 Opel reportedly became the first German car manufacturer to produce more than 100,000 vehicles a year, with their popular Opel "P4" model which featured a 23 hp 1.1 litre four-cylinder engine and a top speed of 53 mph. 1939 saw the introduction of the Kapitän, with a 2.5 litre six-cylinder engine, before Opel moved onto producing 3.6 litre engines that were used in military trucks as well as Opel Admirals. Whatever engine you’re in need of you’re sure to be spoilt for choice at a breaker yard. Specialist breakers throughout the country have tons of low mileage, reconditioned and used engines in stock waiting to dispatch.

Breakers with engines ready to dispatch works with a network of independent breakers located all around the UK, including a number of quality Opel sellers who have excellent engines in stock ready to dispatch. These include bare engines and complete engines, which come with the turbo, fuel pump and fuel injectors included. Whatever type of engine you require you will receive a warranty with your purchase, although it is worth checking the details of this with the sellers before you buy. If you need some assistance before you buy then you can talk to the breakers directly using the ‘message our sellers’ button.

Opel gearboxes also available

Not only can help you to find a replacement Opel engine we also have a number of specialist breakers who have a huge range of Opel gearboxes in stock. This means that whether you need a manual or automatic transmission you’re sure to be in luck thanks to our network of independent breakers.

There are many reasons why cars end up at a scrap yard so you shouldn't let this put you off. It may be that the cost of chassis repairs is too great, or the police have impounded the vehicle from its owners who have surrendered it. Many of these reasons mean that there are still tons of working parts in the car and breakers are professionals when it comes to making sure that no functioning components go to waste. They strip off all of the working parts that still have lots of life left in them and sell them on for an affordable price, meaning you can grab a bargain without compromising on quality.

Our network of independent breakers is a new direction for the scrap yard industry, and we know you’ll want to be a part of it. Thanks to our flexible approach you can browse for the perfect Opel engine from the comfort of your own home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You never even have to leave the house. We provide you with a selection of buy it now options or you can choose to wait for quotes from breakers within our national network to come to you. You can then choose a delivery time that suits you, or even collect the engine if it is at a local breaker yard. We really do make the process as easy as possible. is dedicated to saving you time and money, and getting your Opel back on the road as soon as possible. Use our ‘message sellers’ function to talk to a breaker directly if you have any questions before you buy.