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At we currently have over 70 scrap yards within our UK Car Breakers Outlets

UK Scap Yards

Please also find a helpful and full list of the UK Scap Yards Directory.
We are also opening new scrap yard online facilities all over the country as our business continues to grow. Our scrapyards sell car parts and are located all over from all UK major areas such as Leeds, Bradford, Coventry, Doncaster, Durham, Birmingham, Preston, Wolverhampton, London, Wakefield, Somerset, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool and Blackburn, plus many more. Our scrap yards vary in size and service. Some are scrapping all makes and models of vehicle, and others deal only in certain types such as Japanese car parts, German and Swedish. The yards provide very cheap scrap metal from 4x4 SUV’s, Cars. We mainly deal in scrap for cars and commercial Vans only.

So, what Is A Scrap Yard?

Scrapyards are run by scrap metal merchants who acquire scrap metal in the forms of old, unwanted vehicles and building supplies. They then sell the metal on to be recycled and made into new products. Crushers are used to make the metal compact and some will even melt the metal down. All the good condition parts are up for sale beforehand. Smaller scrap yards are often open to customers to browse and purchase individual items, even dismantling the parts themselves, however be warned they can be dirty places so make sure you wear old clothing should you attempt this yourself. Larger scrap yards, however, often sell metal only in bulk and in large quantities. The scrap metal is sold by weight, as opposed to wreckers who sell each item for it’s individual value.
Associated Terms
Scrap yards are known by many other names as well such as:
Car Breakers, wreckers, salvage yards, spares yards, repairs yards, junk yards, scrap metal yards, auto scrap yards, auto recyclers and motor salvage yards.
Regulations for Scrap Yards
The government have now enforced that all UK scrap yards are to be ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) regulated to comply with environmental agency standards. This has been set up to ensure that there is no unwanted waste and that proper measures are taken to dispose of all unwanted materials in an environmentally friendly manner.
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