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About Volkswagen Golf Aircon Pump

The car's air conditioning system conditions the air, which means whilst cooling the air in the car down, it also helps to ensure there isn't too much moisture in the car, so it stops the air getting too humid. The car's air conditioning unit also cleans the air in the car by filtering the dust and other particles from the air inside the car.

The Volkswagen Golf aircon pump is fixed to the car's engine and is also known as the aircon compressor.

The Volkswagen Golf aircon pump's job is to pump hot or cold air through the car's air conditioning system based on whether the car needs to be heated or cooled. The Volkswagen Golf aircon pump works by using heat from the air in the car, pressurizing it into hot gas and then pumping it into the aircon condenser, where it is cooled and then pumped into the aircon evaporator and flows into the car as cold air. This whole process is then repeated over and again. The Volkswagen Golf aircon pump plays an important part in providing a cleaner, more comfortable driving experience.

The Volkswagen Golf aircon pump is a part that works hard and fast and will only be effective for a period of time. If you need to replace this part, ensure that you buy the right Volkswagen Golf aircon pump for your car's air conditioning system.