Citroen Dispatch: common problems and solutions

The Citroen Dispatch is a small van which is produced by the French automobile manufacturing company Citroen which is part of PSA Peugeot Citroen. The Dispatch was introduced in 1995 and is currently in its second generation of production. In several other markets this vehicle is known as the Citroen Jumpy. We have written a full review on the Citroen Dispatch which you can view by clicking here. For a small vehicle there is quite a lot of space in the cargo area and there is a good variety of versions available, these also include a Combi version. like all motor vehicles they have their known common issues, which we have listed along with the solutions to these problems. We also have a difficulty rating on how difficult the problems are to fix and a list of the most recent recalls.

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Citroen Dispatch common problems and solutions

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Side sliding door problem

Problem: The side sliding door is known to fail on the Dispatch. If you are finding that the side sliding door is not running along the runners smoothly and is very hesitant, then this is usually due to a fault with the runners.

Solution: You will need to replace the runners to resolve the issue.


Suspension problems

Problem: You maybe experiencing problems with the ball joints in your suspension. A tell tail sign of this would be a knocking sound in your suspension. 

Solution: Fitting replacement bottom ball joints will sort the problem.


The part you need: Search for your Citroen Dispatch replacement bottom ball joints by clicking here

Starting problems

Problem: If you are having starting troubles, particularly when the engine is cold. The Dispatch has known issues with the fuel rail pressure. This could be due to a fault with the pressure sensor or the pressure pump.

Solution: You will need to correctly identify exactly which part is causing the fault. Having a diagnostic check is the best place to begin. Once you have identified the faulty part, you will need to replace it to resolve your issue.


Lack of power

Problem: A known issue on the Dispatch is for there to be a lack of power. With this problem you may also notice black smoke coming out the exhaust. This is caused by a blocked EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) valve.

Solution: You can remove the EGR valve and clean it out to remove the gunk that is causing the blockage. Cleaning this out will sort the problem. Have a look at this video to see how this is done:


White smoke from exhaust

Problem: If you are noticing white smoke coming from the exhaust then you have a blown cylinder head gasket.

Solution: Fitting a replacement cylinder head gasket will fix the problem.



The Citroen Dispatch has now been in production for 18 years and has 17 recalls listed on the department for transport recalls database at You should always check to see if the recall issues on your vehicle have been fixed by Citroen free of charge as it is there responsibility to fix them due to their manufacturing faults. We have listed the most recent of these recalls below and you can view the full details by clicking on the relevant link:

Our common problems and solutions list is by no means exhaustive. It does not have every single problem listed, so if you did not find your listed it may still be a common issue. Why not check out our Citroen Dispatch parts page or enter your vehicle registration number in the part finder below to search for your required parts. You can always call us on *0905 232 3000 to speak to one of our specialists.