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Engine Control Unit Parts


At you can look for the finest car deals on car ECUs. You will notice that there are a wide range of car part options and a choice of ECUs to choose from depending on car make or model, with the biggest supply of car brands in stock we can give immediate free delivery. Our network of car ECU suppliers will be able to offer you second-hand deals to give you cheaper prices whilst maintaining the same excellence of car parts. You can save up to 60% off car ECUs compared to other mainstream on-line stores.

Car ECU meaning

ECU means Engine Control Unit it is a programmable microprocessor unit and it is sometimes known as mapping which is done via a laptop and is linked up with a USB cable whilst the engine is in operation motionless. Before emissions laws came in to being, it was feasible to make a car engine without using ECUs. The ECU uses closed-loop commands; this is a system that monitors the output to monitor the input, this manages the emissions and fuel as well as many other engine components.

About Old Style ECU

The old ECU does not offer suitable monitoring for the new ECU configurations, the old style used analogue techniques to determine input and outputs, technicians had to look-up tables that were stored in a digital ROM chip to achieve the any engine details. The disadvantage of ROM chip systems is that the pre-computed engine details are only favourable for the older engines. As the car engine becomes old, the old digital ROM chip is less able to balance the engine as opposed to the newer CPU systems for the newer cars. Before a ECU was built-in to cars the carburettor controlled the amount of fuel flowing in to the cylinders. It all had to be set manually and frequently needed attention when it was time for the car to be next serviced.

About Modern Style ECU

The Modern ECUs use a microprocessor which processes the input and output sensors in real time, this enable car parts to be altered or programmable. The ECU contains all the hardware and software information, with this a qualified technician can alter a turbocharger, an intercooler, Ignition, revving limits, water temperature correction, transient fuelling, low fuel pressure modifier, closed loop lambda, exhaust system, and switch over to run on alternative fuel.

Advanced ECU's

Some of the more advanced race ECUs includes being able to make changes to the launch control, limiting the power of the engine in first gear to avoid burnouts, the waste gate control, staged injection, variable cam timing and gear controls.

How we can help you

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General guide on how to replace an ignition ECU yourself Estimated time: 10-20 mins                                ...

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