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To begin with the first thing to consider is the battery, the battery supplies the electricals to the whole of the car body, interior and exterior, without the battery there would be no electricals. Electricals are needed on the car for starting the engine, use of time and alarms, CD radio's even when the car is not.
The battery is used for starting up the car and for the management of devices such as clocks, radios and alarms when the engine is off. Another chief factor is the starter motor, which is used to start the engine. The third factor is the alternator; this device powers the electrical system, and charges the battery, but only when the car is running. With these basic components, the car maintains its provision of electricity. The regulator keeps the voltage at the right level and the power level stabilised, and the fuse box gives reassurance that if there are any slight electrical faults they do not build up into bigger nuisances like damaged components, or even worse, an electrical fire. Many different electrical car parts are used in current cars, such as: radios, mobile phones, window defrosters and electrical door locks, and many other parts.
The battery is more often than not the first part of the car to begin a difficulty in the electrical system. Most batteries last between 3 and 7 years and can just die on you so beware because all your electrical parts will die.

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