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Here at Breakeryard we take pride in providing the exact Car Battery that you require in the minimum of time, saving you up to an incredible 80%. We are one of the UK's leading on-line parts specialists. So whatever part you require we will meet that need.
Batteries prices from £10 + Delivery.

What is a Car Battery?

Like the smaller variety of rechargeable cell batteries used in other electronic devices, Car Batteries provide power for the electrical systems of a vehicle. The standard system includes Start up, Lights and Ignition. In electric vehicles this will also be the main power source. These kinds of Batteries are lead-acid based and provide 12.6 volts of power when fully charged. Larger machines and heavy vehicles may be fitted with two batteries to provide a higher voltage of power.
Recycling your old Batteries helps the environment by reducing the need to produce new supplies of these chemicals and keeping toxic waste out of landfill sites.

How to change a Battery

Batteries last longer when they are in a charged state and lack of use will shorten its life. Fluid loss occurs during use and they may need regular topping up with water. Changing one is straightforward, they have two connections that give a negative and positive charge. Manufacturers recommend disconnecting the negative ground connection first, which is usually marked with a minus symbol next to it. You should then connect the positive connection. This will avoid shorting out the electrical connectivity between the battery and the vehicle. When replacing it with a new one, this process is reversed and the positive is connected first, this is usually marked with a plus symbol next to it. Care should be taken in their handling as the chemical solution is highly corrosive and dangerous to life.

How to order your parts

Batteries are a commonly ordered part. Below is a list of the latest quotes. If you can't find the exact model you are looking for, then you can search our site by entering your details on the right.
We are a car parts specialist so you’re in the best place for car parts. Simply call us to place an order on our hotline on *0905 232 9000. Or you can click on the parts request on the right and fill out your details, a specialist will contact you right away. Our service is fast and convenient and we fit around you, whatever time of the day that suits.

General guide on how to change a car battery. Estimated time: 10-20 mins                                            ...
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  • Volvo S40 1948 2007 Battery
  • MINI Hatchback 1598 2007 Battery
  • Renault Clio 1461 2007 Battery
  • Ford Focus 1560 2007 Battery
  • Ford Focus 1753 2007 Battery
  • Ford Fiesta 1242 2007 Battery
  • Volkswagen Golf 1968 2007 Battery
  • Ford Transit 2496 2007 Battery