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Tailgates and Boot lids

We sell Tailgates and Boot lids with amazing discounts here at Breakeryard. To find your exact part please start by entering your details on the right. We also stock thousands of reconditioned, new and even used boot lids to attract such a competitive price range.
Tailgate Prices from £29.95 + Delivery

What is a Tail Gate?

In America they refer to it as the tail gate, in the UK we call it the Boot lid. It is basically the door that shuts off the rear compartment of the vehicle, commonly know as the boot. They are one of the first parts to be damaged on a vehicle when another vehicle drives into the back. It is known as body part so due care needs to be taken when looking for a replacement to ensure it is an exact colour match. You may also be interested in other related parts such as the tail lamps (Rear Lights) and the tail gate lock and keys. This part is quite heavy and bulky to ship around and can be quote prone to easily getting dented. We therefore advise you to pick it up from the breakers, or make sure there is sufficient insurance with the carrier, if you opt for delivery. If you do think the tailgate is broken, please be sure to check the tail gate struts.

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We are the market leaders for all car spares - new, used and reconditioned; we will promptly ship your order to anywhere in the in the UK on a next day delivery service. Replace your Tail Gate with our top-of-the-line products from our massive network of UK warehouses.