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We at Breakeryard.com have an immense range of car engine parts for practically all makes and models of vehicles that are on our roads today. You can search our website and discover a vast amount of engines ready for sale at unbeatable prices. Whether you are looking for a bare unit or complete unit we have all types of high-quality spares available including ancillary parts such as alternators starter motors etc. All units come with a warranty from our breakers. With thousands of car engine parts stored in our online shop, you can be sure to find the right engine for you. Breakeryard also stock all car parts for every repair your vehicle may need.

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We have created a quick search list below for the most popular manufacturer's to help you find the right price. This product range also includes low mileage, used and reconditioned units as well as brand new. You can gain fast quotes by completing the partfinder above.

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A car engine has many parts that make it into an engine, it is literally an internal combustion unit which is mainly fuelled by diesel or petrol. There are different types of engines including HEMI, rotary, steam (this is an external engine), two stroke and four stroke. The engine involves cylinders and pistons to prpel the vehicle forward. Other parts are spark plugs, valves, piston rings, connecting rods, crankshafts and sumps. All these parts need to be fully working for the car to operate.
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What things could go wrong?

Many things can go wrong with your engine. It is vital that you keep up to date with servicing as parts like oil filters and air filters need to be kept clean on a regular basis to maintain a reliability. Overtime your engine if well looked after will begin to gain your confidence. It is when you have built up some good mileage with your vehicle that you get to appreciate a quality. When engines do go wrong they ofcourse are not the easiest of parts to replace. This is simply due to the sheer weight and awkward bulkiness that makes them hard to move and position in place. You will need an engine crane to lift the old unit out and slowly place the new one in. We would recommend that you would go to a local engine fitter recommended by a good trustworthy garage to help you with this. We can ship the unit straight to their doorstep which will save you alot of hassle and time.


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