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The Fiat Punto is a supermini full of the charm and quirks you''d expect from an Italian car. The Punto was launched back in 1993 as a replacement for the Fiat Uno. It has always been a popular car and was voted European Car of the Year in 1995, ahead of the VW Polo. Since then it has had a number of facelifts and is now in its third generation. The Punto''s popularity is in part down to the cheap running costs and the availability of low cost parts. can meet the demand for car parts for the Fiat Punto thanks to a nationwide network of independent breakers.

We are here to help you locate reconditioned, brand new and used Fiat Punto parts from the breakers within our network. Rather than spending time shopping around for car parts you can use our Find a Part box to complete your search. Start finding parts for your Fiat Punto by choosing one of the categories below.

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Whichever version you have, the Fiat Punto is a good looking car. The boot capacity is generous for a supermini and they are surprisingly practical, especially with five doors. Since it came into production in 1993, the Punto has been seen on British roads in numerous guises including the Grande Punto and Punto Evo.

First generation Fiat Punto (1993 - 1999)

The Fiat Punto was first unveiled in 1993 as the replacement for the Uno. It was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who was responsible for designing a number of other Fiats as well as cars for other manufacturers such as the 2002 Maserati Spyder. The first generation Fiat Punto was available as a five-door and three-door hatchback as well as a two-door cabriolet.

This early Punto came in entry level, Sporting and GT versions with a range of engines from a 1.1l that produced 54 hp to the 136PS 1.4l GT engine. The latter was a turbocharged 128 SOHC engine that was capable of achieving 62 mph in just 7.9 seconds.

Second generation Fiat Punto (1999 - 2010)

At the 1999 Frankfurt Motor Show the second generation Punto was launched. This new Fiat Punto kept the distinctive shape and design of the original Punto but was given all new styling, and the chassis and interior was overhauled. The Fiat Punto MkII gave drivers a lot of car for their money, and was recognised for being both practical and durable. Unfortunately, the power steering was known to be troublesome and on cars mostly driven around town the clutches could pack up after only 40,000 miles. The aforementioned power steering was electric rather than hydraulic, benefitting Punto drivers with improved fuel economy.

This iteration of the Fiat Punto came with a choice of 1.2l petrol engines with differing power outputs or a 1.9l diesel with or without common rail injection. The sporty version was equipped with a 1.2l 16v engine with 6-speed manual transmission, and the HGT 1.8l engine could very nearly attain the lofty speed of 130 mph.

In 2003, shortly after Fiat celebrated the 5,000,000th Punto rolling off the production line, a facelift model with a new look exterior and new engines was revealed. 2005 hailed the release of the more spacious Grande Punto, although the second generation Punto was still being made until late 2010.

Third generation Fiat Punto (2005 - present)

Giugiaro was brought back on board by Fiat to design the Grande Punto, released in 2005. This more spacious supermini boasts cheap day to day running costs and good equipment levels, however, the Fiat Grande Punto doesn''t have the best reliability record. The Grande Punto was available with a choice of petrol engines ranging from 65 PS to 95 PS as well as four diesel engines, one of which could deliver up to 130 PS.

The 2009 facelift saw the model being renamed the Punto Evo. Although not hugely different from the Grande Punto it has a new front end, revised taillights and an updated interior. The new 1.3l MultiJet diesel engine became available on this model, as did the 1.4l petrol with MultiAir technology.

Come 2012 the car was back to being a Fiat Punto with no additional names. The front went back to looking like the 2005 Grande Punto but the new rear lights and interior from the 2009 Punto Evo stayed. Fiat introduced two new engines with the Punto, a 0.9l TwinAir turbo petrol that can deliver 85 PS and a 1.3l MultiJet II diesel with Stop&Start technology and lower emissions.

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Whatever parts you need for your Fiat Punto, whether it''s a gasket or a window seal, an engine or a gearbox, is here to help. You can use our Find a Part box to search the stock at breaker yards all over the country. Many Punto parts will be available to buy now, although for some you may need to wait for a quote. No matter what spares you are buying you can rest assured that everything is fully checked, guaranteed for at least a month and can be delivered to your home or garage within days.

With our help you can start your search for Fiat Punto car parts today, by entering your car registration into the Find a Part box at the side of this page.

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