Ford Transit: common problems and solutions

The Ford Transit is the most popular commercial van on the roads in the UK. These vehicles have been in production since 1965 and are great value commercial vans. They are known for their reliability and great value, but like all vehicles they have their commonly associated problems. You can read our full review on this vehicle by clicking here. We have a list of some of the most common problems with the Ford Transit and their solutions. There is also a difficulty rating for each solution and a list of recalls which Ford should have already fixed on them for free.

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Ford Transit common problems and solutions

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Blower motor

Problem: On a Ford Transit 1995-98 there was a known problem with the blower motor not blowing out on settings 1 and 2. This is most likely caused by the blower motor resistor contacts corroding or the resistor getting damaged.

Solution: You will need to fit the revised blower motor resistor and wiring loom to fix this problem. Since 1998 the blower motor problem has been resolved by fitting it elsewhere on the vehicle. Have a look at the video below


Power steering fault

Problem: It has been known for the Transit to have a knocking noise coming from the power steering on vehicles built after 2000. This occurs when the steering is almost at full lock or on rough surfaces due to resonance in the power steering fluid.

Solution: This is fixed by adding a new power steering fluid cooler and fitting new hoses.


Rust problems

Problem: The underneath of the chassis on these vans (especially around the wheel arches) can rust pretty badly with large chunks of metal simply falling away. The metal used just doesn't seem to be of good quality and handle various weather conditions over a prolonged period.

Solution: You may want to try and weld up some of the rusted and broken areas however, if the vehicle is left too long it maybe a trip to the scrap yard as the cost maybe too high to get it through the MOT.


Starter Motor failure

Problem: This problem is common in Ford Transit Duratorq vehicles before August 2003. In cold weather the starter motor will not start and is due to condensation inside the motor. This would freeze in cold weather, stopping the flow of the current.

Solution: The revised starter motor should be fitted to solve this problem.



The part you need: To begin your search for the alternator click here  for parts.

Rear door problems

Problem: This problem is usually on Transits built from 2002 to May 2003. The right rear door will no longer be able to open as the connection between the handle and latching rod comes loose.

Solution: The solution is to fit the revised clip which was fixed from May 2003.


Side door central locking problems

Problem: The 2002-2003 side door for the Transit was known not to lock with key or remote control due to a door lock actuator failure.

Solution: The best way to resolve this issue is to fit the revised door lock actuator, but you must also check the door lock switch and wiring for any damage first.



 Fog light issues

Problem: The Fog lights on a 2000-01 Ford Transit can get a build up of moisture due to there not being enough drain holes.

Solution: This problem is resolved by fitting the newly revised Fog light boot which has sufficient drain holes. This problem was revised on vehicles from January 2002 onwards.


Funny smell inside vehicle

Problem: This occurs on Transits, 2000 model year built before February 2000. This was due to gases from the rear axle ventilation system.

Solution: To solve this problem you have to fit the revised ventilation hose and make sure it is directed into the side member.


  Gear change issues

Problem: On a 2000-2002 Transit, it can be difficult to change gears due to the gear change cable getting damaged.

Solution: The way to fix this is to have the revised gear change cable fitted.



There are a large number of recalls listed for the Ford Transit in the Department for Transport recalls database. There are 29 recalls to be exact. We have listed some of the recalls below, but to check out the full list, visit the website. There should not be any of these problems on your Transit, as Ford should have fixed the recalls free of charge due to manufacturing fault.

If you are facing a problem with your Ford Transit and it is not listed in the above list, then don't worry about it. Our list is not exhaustive and we understand there will be many problems we haven't mentioned. You can find your exact needed part at incredibly low prices by visiting our Ford Transit parts page. If you need to speak to someone regarding your parts issues, why not call our helpline on *0905 232 3000.