Car Fuel System


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Fuel systems

The purpose of a fuel system is that it stores the fuel, either petrol in a petrol fuel tank or diesel in a diesel fuel tank where it mixes up with a combination of air, this in turn gives energy for your car to run efficiently. When you drive to the garage to top up your diesel or petrol from the fuel pump it fills the tank which in turn moves to the cylinder chamber towards the engine, this is how your car begins to works.

Petrol fuel systems

Petrol fuel systems are a combination of carbon and hydrogen with additives to enhance the cars performance. Only a few years ago the fuel systems of today were very different. Today the fuel moves around the tank, it is never stagnant, it constantly moves all the way through the fuel system and back to the tank as to not evaporate. Engines nowadays are low density which necessitates a lower octane fuel; there is no need to have high octane levels in an engine.

Diesel fuel systems

The diesel fuel systems are also a mixture of carbon and hydrogen with additives which also enhances the cars performance just like petrol. There are two different types of diesels available, these are common rail and pump düse. You can find more information on the differences below:

  •      Pump Düse: Pump düses are rare, they are an all-in-one unit which is associated with Volkswagen cars only and the name means Pump Metering in German. The common rail is a fuel pipe which feeds individual valves as oppose to low-pressure fuel pump injectors. Diesel evaporates at very high temperatures as opposed to petrol so it is not necessary to have a fuel evaporation system like the petrol fuel system.

  •      Common rail: Common fuel rail constantly monitors what the engine and the driver are doing, and constantly amends the injection timing and fuel amount. Common rail fuel systems involve a low pressure pump to supply fuel to the individual injectors. There are injectors for each cylinder which produces pressure for the fuel and it inserts accurate fuel quantities into the engine as needed. The diesel unit which is considered the brain of the fuel systems, accurately controls its flow, pressure, and timing whilst endlessly monitoring the operating conditions of the engine.

Fuel tank

Most cars have a single or even a double fuel tank which is situated right at the rear of the car either left or right. Fuel tanks today have interior baffles which thwart the fuel from moving backwards and forwards. If you hear noises at the rear upon starting up and slowing down then the baffles might be not working. All full systems have a fuel filler neck pipe, a fuel outlet and a vent system.

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