Fuel Cut Off Unit

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Fuel Cut off Unit Information

A fuel Cut off Unit is a device that stops fuel going to the engine if there are mechanical faults or if there are abnormal temperatures in the engine.
There is a solenoid within the fuel cut off unit. If there is a problem as stated, the power to the solenoid will be cut off and a valve will close, stopping fuel flowing to the engine. If the fuel pump is not getting the power the petrol cannot come through. As a result you wont be able to start your car.
Ford cars also have a type of fuel cut off unit that stops fuel going to the engine when the car experiences a rear impact. Sensors in the back of Ford cars automatically stop fuel flowing to engine when a rear impact is felt because the petrol tank is located near the rear of the car.
A Ford car fitted with this device will not start unless you reset the fuel cut off unit. There is normally a button in the front passenger's foot well that will reset the fuel pump and you can then continue using the car as necessary.
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  • MITSUBISHI L200 2500cc 2002 Fuel Cut Off Unit