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Gaskets Purpose

The reason a car has a gasket is to have the compression inside the combustion chamber of the engine. It separates the water and oil that flow through the gasket block and cylinder head. The most frequent reason that a gasket blows up is because of overheating.
If you find that your gasket has overheated or you suspect something, fill in your details and car registration on our unique part finding sytem and a representative will get right back to you to hep you out with any car part that you may require or need information about.

Gaskets Overheating

The gasket seals the cylinder head to the car engine and also seals the coolant pipes. When this gasket shows signs of failing, the coolant can pierce the cylinder and it will be turned into vapour as the car engine starts up. Gaskets for the most part fail after the car engine has previously overheated. When the engine becomes very hot, the cylinder head can distort and put a stop to the gasket from sealing properly.
Even though it is extremely rare that your gasket could overheat, if it did the gasket block might fracture and the coolant and oil could mix together. This mess could wipe out the bottom end of the car engine. If the cylinder fills with enough coolant and the pistons try to condense the liquid, it may perhaps do extensive damage to several other parts of engine including bending the crankshaft. It is a good idea not to drive your car if you suspect the gasket is overheating. If you do suspect, you will hear a terrible loud noise something like a fan and you will be able to smell burning that comes from the engine and see large amounts of white smoke coming out of your exhaust, it can cost approximately £800 to £1300 to have this problem fixed depending on the make and model of your car. The most excellent way to keep away from a blown head gasket is to maintain your engine appropriately and if you discover you are overheating when driving then pull over, switch off the engine and have the problem fixed before driving it again otherwise it will cost you more money.
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Engine maintenance ensuring gaskets don’t overheat

Make sure you check all belts and hoses at least every 6 months. Look out for coolant and oil leaks beneath the car. Renew your coolant approximately every 2 years. You could check your manufacturers hand book recommendations. Examine and renew the radiator cap and the rubber seal if you find corrosion built up. Be sure that you renew your coolant system about every 5 years which eradicates all gunk built up in the system.

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