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Car glass is involved with the side windows which go up or down by pressing a special button or on the older cars the side windows can be moved with a handle. There is the front window which is fixed and the rear window which is mostly fixed however some can be tilted. Then there is the sunroof roof which is retractable, some are made of glass other plastic. Some people use sun blinds for their rear window and side windows to keep cool and keep the heat of the sun at bay.
Before 1927 when car glass was just made out of glass it would shatter if anyone was unfortunate to have a nasty car accident. Today however cars use laminated safety glass which is known as auto safety glass, it was designed to offer optimum safety. This type of car glass has benefits of reducing noise that comes from the engine and blocks out ultraviolet rays. There is a difference between the front glass window (windshield) and the rest of the glass that’s on your car. The front window is made of the auto safety glass and the side and rear are made of tempered glass.

How is the front window screen glass made?

Auto safety glass uses a stretchy coating of bendy clear plastic called polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between two or more sections of glass. The three pieces are laminated collectively by using high heat and a special force and put in a unique oven called an auto clave. This prevents the car glass from shattering into tiny pieces therefore causing less harm to the driver and passengers. This glass is not temperamental, so if you were to knock it slightly the window screen glass will not break up. However if something small suddenly hits the auto safety glass it will likely just chip the outer layer, it is very easy to have this chip repaired. Repairing the chip on the window can take approximately half an hour and usually comes with a warranty, it is important to have the chip sorted as soon as possible otherwise the chip will turn into a crack and the crack will only get bigger thereby you requiring new glass.
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How is the rear and side glass made?

Tempered glass is glass that has been heated using an extraordinary procedure and then cooled; this makes the glass 5-10 times stronger than regular un-tempered glass that is of identical thickness. This kind of glass when it breaks up breaks in to very tiny pieces but it requires a big hit for it to shatter.

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