Honda Jazz: common problems and solutions

The Honda Jazz is a supermini car which is produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturing company Honda. The Jazz has been in production since 2001 and is currently in the second generation of production. This vehicle is also known as the Honda Fit in Asia and North and South America. You can read our full Honda Jazz review by clicking here. The current version of the Jazz is more spacious, comfortable and practical than the previous version. They are very reliable and have great safety features, but have their known common problems like all motor vehicles do. You can find some of these problems listed in our common problems section, with the solutions and a difficulty rating for getting them fixed. We also list the most recent recalls made on this vehicle.

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Honda Jazz common problems and solutions

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You can have a look for the solution to your problem by checking out our Honda Jazz common problems and solutions section below. These problems are on the second generation (2007-present) Jazz:

Water leaking into boot compartment

Problem: It is common on these vehicles for water to leak into the compartment inside the boot, which is located on the boot floor. When you open this compartment and find water or condensation, this is caused by water leaking in through the wheel arches in heavy rain. The water gets in the boot and collects in this compartment.

Solution: If your vehicle is still under warranty, Honda will fix this free of charge, otherwise you will need to replace the seal and give the boot a clean to sort the problem.


Electric windows problem

Problem: If you have noticed that there is a problem with the electric windows on your Jazz, this is usually caused by a fault with the window switches. You may have noticed that the windows are hesitant when opening or closing, or may not be working at all.

Solution: Honda will fix this under warranty if you still have one, otherwise you will need to fit replacement window switches to sort the problem.


Juddering when taking off

Problem: If you have noticed that there is a juddering when taking off, then you most likely need to have a gearbox fluid service. This problem is mostly on the semi-automatic gearboxes (i-shift).

Solution: As mentioned above you will need to replace the gearbox fluid to resolve the problem. If you leave this too long, it will damage the clutch, which would then need replacing. This would be a lot more costly than changing the gearbox fluid. Watch the video below to see how to change the fluid:


Handbrake problem

Problem: If you are finding that the handbrake is not holding the weight of the vehicle when on a slight hill, then you most likely have a problem with the handbrake calliper.

Solution: You will need to fit a replacement handbrake calliper to sort the problem.


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The Honda Jazz has now been in production for 12 years and has had a high number of different recalls made in this time. You can find the full recalls list at the department for transport recalls database at You need to have a look through this list to make sure that you are not facing any of these problems as Honda should have fixed them free of charge due to manufacturing error. We have listed the most recent of these recalls below, where you can click the links to view the full details:

Can you not find the solution to your problem listed in our common problems and solutions section above? If not, then it doesn't always mean that its not a common problem, it just means that we only listed some of the known common problems on this vehicle. Why not check out our Jazz parts page or enter your vehicle registration number in the part finder below to search for your required parts. You can always give us a call on *0905 232 3000 to speak to one of our specialist advisers.