Iveco Daily: common problems and solutions

The Iveco Daily is classed as a large commercial van. It was first produced by the Italian automobile manufacturing company, Iveco. The Daily has been in production since 1978 and is currently in its fifth generation of production. The vehicle was marketed as the Fiat Daily up until 1983, and you can read our full Iveco Daily review, by clicking here. The current fifth generation version of the Daily was released in 2011 and this van is a well built vehicle, which has some very good engines available. It is a very large van, which is very reliable and offers reasonably good performance. Its size gives it a lot of space and they are reasonably well equipped. However, like all motor vehicles, the Daily has its share of common problems and we have listed some of the most common ones, along with the solutions and difficulty ratings for resolving them. We also have a list of the most recent recalls.

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Iveco: Daily Problems and Solutions

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Side sliding door failure

Problem: Have you noticed that the side sliding doors are not working as well as they once did? As the side sliding door runs right from the roof to the floor, the bearings on the door mechanism can become damaged, as things in the rear storage area knock against the door. This will cause alignment issues.

Solution: You will need to replace the door mechanism, in order to rectify the issue.


Rough running engine

Problem: If you have begun to notice that the engine is running very roughly on your Daily, the EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) valves are prone to becoming clogged up with carbon. Other common symptoms of this failure are for a lack of power, when accelerating and black smoke coming from the exhaust.

Solution: You can remove the EGR valve and clean it out with something like carb cleaner and a tooth brush. Once re-fitted, this should fix the problem. Watch the video below, for an idea on what to do:


Rear door hinge problem

Problem: The check straps on the rear doors are known for failing. If you have found that the rear doors just flap open, instead of having some resistance, this is an indication that the check straps have failed.

Solution: You will need to fit replacement check straps, in order to resolve the issue. We can help you to find your replacement check straps, at very low prices.


Leaking fuel tank

Problem: Due to the location of the fuel tank, it can become damaged and knocked from below. This will pierce the top of the tank and cause a fuel leak. If you have noticed fuel leaking from the tank, you will need to replace it.

Solution: As mentioned above, you will need to replace the fuel tank, to sort the problem. We can help you to find your replacement fuel tank, at very low prices.


The part you need: You can find your replacement Iveco Daily fuel tank, by clicking here.


The Iveco Daily has now been in production for 36 years. In total, there are 43 different recalls listed on the department for transport recalls database. You can view the full list of recalls, by visiting and you can also check that you are up to date with any required fixes. Iveco will fix these issues free of charge, as they were caused by manufacturing faults. We have listed the most recent of these recalls below and you can view the full details, by clicking on the links below:

If you did not find your issue listed in our common problems and solutions section above, it does not always mean that it is not a common fault. Our list is by no means exhaustive, so there is still a chance that yours could be a common problem. Check out our Daily parts page, or enter your vehicle registration number in our part finder below. Call us on *0905 232 3000, if you would rather talk to one of our specialist advisers.