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Silver Star Bulbs

Breakeryard will help you decide on the right SilverStar Bulb for your vehicle. We have available many great discounts and offer an excellent service. If you have any questions about any parts you wish to purchase then please call our customer service today on *0905 232 3000. Alternatively, fill in the easy to use form opposite with your car details. We offer great discount on all car parts from gear boxes, head lamps, car seats and many more...
Silver Star Bulbs prices from £1.99 + Delivery.

What are SilverStar Bulbs?

These bulbs will significantly improve your vision on the road. They are up to 50% stronger than your standard halogen bulb, and are the best bulbs currently available on the market. They are 100% legal and improve the visibility greatly, that is projected onto the road ahead. These bulbs are highly recommended to anyone wanting brighter, clearer headlights.
Osram Silverstar is one of the best in the market for auto lighting. Its quality and performance will exceed your expectation. It is essential to have good headlights when driving at night or in tricky conditions. These bulbs will help you out more than you could possibly believe.
The new SilverStar Now illuminates brighter than halogen bulbs. The SilverStar light bulbs and Sealed Beams advanced design are backed by the prestigious SYLVANIA brand with its longstanding reputation and commitment to providing solutions to their field of expertise.

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Our search engine will scan through our comprehensive network of Breakers and help you locate your SilverStar Bulbs for your vehicle. Use us to find the cheapest used car parts. We offer precision service and match for match replacement are available on our site. You will also get yourself a great price from us with up to 80% off. Contact our Car Breakers today to cover your general automotive needs and get a warranty with all parts. We offer convenient online shopping for you to pick out your replacement parts any time and day. Why go anywhere else when you can buy from the best?