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Locks and Keys


At we have a vast stock of different types of lock and key sets for all car and van locks on the UK roads. You can simply follow our 3 step process by entering your vehicle registration number, then the lock and key related parts you require and our suppliers will check live stock and deliver the price to you instantly. Breakeryard hold all lock and keys including second hand lock and keys that you may need to fix your vehicle.

Lock and Keys Products

There are various types of locks for different parts on your car ranging from stadard door and ignition locks right through to wheel and fuel cap locks. Anywhere on the vehicle that needs to offer security it is advised to have quality standard locks fitted to prevent thieves or any unwanted guests to breaking in or stealing a part.

Different types of Locks and Keys

One common lock we supply are standard alloy wheel locks which stop you having the tragic experience of returning to your car only to find it on bricks with the wheels missing. These wheel locks normally would have a specific shape in the centre and the relevant socket shape to fit it that would then slot into a standard wheel spanner. As long as you keep the specially shaped socket safe then thieves won't be able to take your wheels easily, and therefore would offer you increased prevention.
Another way of stopping thieves running off with your fuel is to ensure your vehicle has a correct fuel cap lock fitted. This means that anyone looking to syphon petrol or diesel from your tank can't just simply flip the cap and start draining. The key for your ignition should also fit the cap however, you can also buy new caps with separate keys that still do the job.

How can we help you with Locks and Keys

If you are having trouble fitting a key into a lock barrel, whether it be the glove compartment, door or ignition barrel, check to see if the key is not bent first. One of the moset common problems is not the barrel part itself but simply you may have dropped your key and it has bent slightly. If you do find this to be the problem then place the key onto a very flat surface and gently use a hammer to make flat. try and the key again and 'hey presto' you may just find it will work.
To ensure you save money on locks and keys for your vehicle then join thousands of very satisfied customers and save up to 80% off car and van locks and keys with us.

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