Central locking solenoids

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How the Central Locking Solenoid system works?

The central locking solenoid system is a magnetic system, which uses a ball of wire which produces the magnetic field when an electric current is passed through the system. This power can be enhanced and converted into energy to open/close the locks on the central locking system.
The central locking control system is responsible for locking/unlocking all doors on the vehicle, when the driver presses the button on the fob or key. Rather than the driver having to manually lock/unlock each door individually, they can now do it at the press of a button. Not only the doors but also the boot will open/lock when the button is pressed. Mostly there will be a separate button for the boot or the driver will need to unlock the boot from a button within the vehicle.
It is vital when making sure your car is secure and safe. The correct Central Locking Solenoid System protects you, your vehicle and your belongings. We can match the exact Central Locking Solenoid System you require, call us today.
The vehicle can also be locked/unlocked by using the key, and again this will lock/unlock every door on the vehicle. Central locking is part of all modern day vehicles and is an excellent safety device. When unlocking or locking the vehicle usually there are both audio and visual feedback to let the driver know the vehicle has been locked/unlocked. Usually a beeping sound and flashing lights.

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