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  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3900cc 1995 --- M/N Gearbox Transmission Manual
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3900cc 2002 --- 02/52 ABS Sensor Driverside Front
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3900cc 2002 --- 02/52 ABS Sensor Driverside Rear
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3900cc 2002 --- 02/52 ABS Sensor Passengers Front
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3900cc 2002 --- 02/52 ABS Sensor Passengers Rear
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3000cc 2003 --- 03/53 Axle Rear
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3000cc 2004 --- 04/54 Brake Caliper Passengers Front
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3000cc 2008 --- 08/58 Brake Caliper Passengers Rear
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3900cc 2004 --- 04/54 bumper grille
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3000cc 1993 --- K/L Crankshaft
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3300cc 1994 --- L/M Differential Rear
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3900cc 2000 --- W/X/Y Fuel Tank Diesel
  • MITSUBISHI CANTER 3900cc 2006 --- 06/56 Heater Blower Fan Motor