Peugeot 206: common problems and solutions

The Peugeot 206, is classed as a super-mini car. It was first produced by the French automobile manufacturing company, Peugeot. The 206 was in production from 1998-2010, but there is a version called the 206+, which is still available in some markets. The 206 was replaced by the 207. Have a look at our full Peugeot 206 review, by clicking here. The 206 is known for being a very well equipped car, one which has good handling and a good appearance. Unfortunately, they are also known for having construction quality issues, and like all motor vehicles, they have their known common problems. We have listed some of these known problems, along with their solutions and difficulty rating for fixing them. Plus, we have included a list of the most recent recalls made on this car.

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Peugeot 206: common problems and solutions

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Why not check out our common problems and solutions section below, in order to see if you can find the solution to solve your problem:

Central locking problem

Problem: A common central locking problem on the Peugeot 206, is 'bouncing'. This is when you either lock or unlock the car using the central locking, and it immediately re-opens or re-locks. This problem is caused by a faulty actuator.

Solution: In order to fix this problem, you will need to fit a replacement actuator.


The part you need: Search for your Peugeot 206 central locking actuator, by clicking here

Loud noise from HDI engine

Problem: When you have your HDI engine running, and you hear a very loud metal sort of tapping noise, then this is a problem with the crankshaft pulley.

Solution: You will need to replace the crankshaft pulley, in order to fix this problem.


Engine misfiring / loss of power

Problem: You may have noticed that your engine is misfiring and when you are driving there is a loss of power. This problem is due to a faulty ignition coil pack. You may also have noticed that the engine management warning light, is on the dashboard.

Solution: Fitting a replacement ignition coil pack, will resolve the issue. Watch the video below to see how to replace this part:


Engine stalling

Problem: It is known on the 206, especially for cars that are either over 2 years old or have done more that 40,000 miles, to have problems with random stalling. The usual cause is a faulty potentiometer and faulty stepper motor.

Solution: Try replacing the stepper motor and potentiometer. Some owners have tried replacing the ECU, coil pack and other parts to no avail, so give the suggested solution a try.


Water leaking into front footwells

Problem: If you have noticed that the carpets in the front footwells are wet from water leaking into the cabin, this is usually due to a blockage in the bulkhead drain. The drain can get blocked up with leaves or other debris, which will need to be removed.

Solution: Removing the debris or leaves should unblock the drain and stop the leak into the front footwells. You will also need to dry out the carpets to stop any dampness setting in.



The Peugeot 206 was in production for a total of 12 years, and has had a good number of different recalls made over this time. You can view all the recalls listed, by visiting the website. Remember that you should not be facing any of these problems on your car, as Peugeot should have fixed them without charge, as they were all due to manufacturing fault. Our list below is taken from the department for transport recalls database, and you can view the full recall details by clicking on each link below:

If your problem is not listed, it may well still be a common problem, which we just have not listed. You can have a look for your parts at our Peugeot 206 parts page, or enter your registration number in the part finder below. You could give us a call on *0905 232 3000 to speak to one of our specialist advisers.