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Car Steering System

The steering of a car is a system that helps directing the car into the desired direction. This steering system is made up of a series of components, of which the main sections are:
When you are driving your car it appears that the steering is simple, may be back in the day when they were first invented but today the modern car is not just turning the steering wheel and the front wheels follow, and so accordingly the car changes in that direction.
All steering systems are made of the same three or four components. The steering wheel which connects to the steering system is then connected to the track rod, which connects to the tie rods, and is then connected to the steering arms.
When steering the car there are steering ratios to consider and turning circles. When turning the steering wheel you naturally predict the car to go where you want it to go. If you are travelling slowly the car is steady undoubtedly, once you start moving faster, you are literally banking on the chassis and suspension for keeping the car in control.
  • Steering wheel - This is controlled directly by the driver
  • Steering column - This is connected to the steering wheel
  • Universal joints - This holds the main steering parts together
Early cars were directed by a tiller; the first records of the introduction of the steering wheel date back to 1894. Modern cars all have steering wheels and recently most steering wheels are connected to collapsing steering columns. In case of aggressive collisions these collapse on impact thus sparing the driver of extreme injuries. If you have problems with your steering system then you can speak to one of our experts who can answer any queries you may have. You will need to have your registration plate handy so that we can identify your exact vehicle details, thus know what type of steering system your vehicle is operating.

Interesting Information on Steering

The basic steering principles can be broken down in the following way:
  • Worm and sector - This is an older design and as the name suggests it looks very much like a worm or screw. It works like your basic nut and bolt principle. The shaft of the steering box engages with a section of the gear (sector), which when manoeuvred turns the pitman arm.
  • Rack and Pinion - In recent years, this mechanism was widely used and praised because it presented a number of advantages. It is a very simple system and does not involve all the mechanism parts needed in previous principles. Another major advantage is that it rarely breaks, but should that happen, it cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced completely.
  • Worm and Nut - Also known as the recirculating ball and is used mostly on heavy duty commercial vehicles because it has obvious mechanical advantages and the fact that these types of vehicles do not require rapid steering.

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