Suzuki Alto: common problems and solutions

The Suzuki Alto is classified as a city car. It was first produced by the Japanese auto mobile manufacturing company, Suzuki. The Alto has been in production since 1979 and is currently in its seventh generation of production. You can read our Suzuki Alto review, by clicking here. The current version of the Alto was released in 2009 and is a very well built car, which offers excellent fuel economy and is very cheap to buy. Despite its small size, it is very comfortable, but is not very spacious. It is also very reliable, but it only has average performance and handling. Like all motor cars, the Alto has its share of common problems, and we have listed some of these, along with the solutions for fixing them. We also have a difficulty rating on how difficult each issue is to resolve, plus a list of the most recent recalls.

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Suzuki Alto: common problems and solutions

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Rattling/squeaking sound

Problem: Can you hear a rattling/squeaking sound coming from the engine? If so, there are known issues with the engine mount. Suzuki have designed a revised engine mount, which when fitted, should resolve the issue. This issue seems to be most noticeable when you drive over speed bumps, or when turning corners.

Solution: As mentioned above, you will need to fit the revised engine mount, to stop the rattling/squeaking noise. You will need to remove the engine, so as to carry out this repair.


Misfiring/lack of power

Problem: If you find that the car is misfiring, or has a lack of power when accelerating, then you most likely need to clean out the throttle body. The throttle body can get clogged up with carbon, causing the above problems.

Solution: You will need to clean out the throttle body with some carb cleaner and a small brush, something like a tooth brush will do. This should solve the problem. Watch the video below, for an idea on how to do this:


Carpet wear

Problem: The Alto is prone to wear on the carpets, very quickly. This seems to be a particular problem on the rear carpets and particularly on fifth generation models.

Solution: You will need to replace the rear carpets, to resolve this issue. We can help you to find your replacement Alto carpets, at very low prices.

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Rear wheel bearing failure

Problem: The rear wheel bearings are known to fail on the Alto. If you can hear a rumbling/droning noise coming from the rear wheels, this is an indication of the rear wheel bearings failing. This noise will be more noticeable when driving round corners, or at speeds below 30 mph.

Solution: Fitting replacement wheel bearings will rectify the issue. We can help you to find replacement wheel bearings, at very low prices.

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The Suzuki Alto has now been in production for 35 years. In total, there are only 5 different recalls listed on the department for transport recalls database. We recommend that you always keep a regular check for any recall issues on your Alto, so as to ensure that you are up to date with the required fixes. Suzuki will fix these issues free of charge, due to their own manufacturing faults. We have listed the most recent of these recalls below, and you click on each of the links to view the full details.

Did you find your issue listed in our common problems and solutions section above? If not, it does not  mean that it is not a common fault, as our list is by no means exhaustive. You can check out our Alto parts page, or enter your vehicle registration number in our part finder below, to begin searching for those needed parts. Remember that you can always speak to one of our friendly advisers by calling us on *0905 232 3000.