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Wheels and Tyres


We have a wide network of wheel and tyres suppliers stocking literally hundreds and thousands of all makes and models wheels. From steel wheels to alloy wheels to custom built. They will help match your wheel and tyre by asking you for the necessary part numbers displayed on the items. It might be handy to have these ready and submit them with your part finder search. One thing you can be sure of is that our wheels and tyres are the cheapest online - that's a fact! Save up to a whopping 80% off dealer prices by simply following our 3 step partfinder to allow the breakers to check their stock and send you instant quotes on all wheels and tyres. You can then call direct to order. Wheels and Tyres are all about safety for your car or van. The aim is to protect you in the event of an accident. The right Wheels and Tyres are a 'must have' for your vehicle to make sure you are kept as safe as possible. We have specialists in this field on hand who can provide top quality Wheels and Tyres at unrivalled prices so look no further.

Wheel Types and Sizes 

Car, van, truck and motorcycle alloy wheels are wheels which are made out of aluminium or magnesium. The magnesium alloy wheels are the first version and are also known under the name of "mags". The lighter version is made of aluminium. The principle behind the alloy wheel is that the lighter the wheel, the better and closer to the ground is the suspension, which then improves the grip.
The sizes of alloy wheels can range from 13" to 22" and each individual car can accommodate up to 5 or more different sizes. You need to be very precise when ordering the correct size needed for your vehicle. All types of wheels can be found here at, by searching our vast network stock from all the suppliers directly linked to us. This can be done fast and free by completing the find your part here box and entering your correct vehicle details. To obtain the right wheel and tyre for your vehicle and locate an exact match we really need your registration number at the start of the process.

Types of Tyres

There are 3 categories of tyres:

  1. Summer Tyres
  2. Winter Tyres
  3. All Season Tyres. 
The summer tyres perform well in wet weather. The winter tyres have enhanced grip adapting to icy conditions, so you would not want to be caught in the snow without them even if your car is fitted with all season tyres. All season tyres are not the best for summer or winter however they should be able to operate satisfactorily in wet and icy conditions. Check to see if your tyres need changing, insert a 20p coin into the grooves to check the tread depth. If the outer band of the coin is noticable, then the tyre will not be good enough to drive. To find the best prices on the net for all types of tyres please enter your vehicle details into our search system accordingly.

How we can help you with Wheels and Tyres?

Take a look through our website, we’ve worked hard to improve our site so it now includes better descriptions, more product pictures and online order placing. We understand that a website, however comprehensive, cannot answer all your questions so if you’d rather pick up the phone we’d be happy to hear from you. Find a wide range of affordable Wheels and Tyres from our well-liked online shop, whatever it is, it is possible to save a staggering 60% from us and we offer secure delivery.

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