Used Audi A3 A Post

All used Audi A3 A Post listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. listed used car parts for Audi A3 are from premium breaker yards from across the UK, saving you up to 80% compared to main dealer prices.

About A Post

The posts in a vehicle are the almost vertical structural pillars that support the window, door and roof area of a car and connect the roof of the vehicle with the base of the frame. These supporting posts are labelled A post, B post and C post. In larger cars there is also a D Post.

Usually steel or alumnium, the posts in a car are solid structures, which are welded at one end to the car's frame and at the other to the roof panel and are positioned between the windows or doors. The A3 Audi A post is the pillar at the front end of the car, supporting the windscreen and front door/window. The specific design of the A post will vary depending on the design of the car. Some A posts have been manufactured to be slimmer and tapered to help improve the driver's line of sight. The A post on the car interior is usually upholstered with cloth, leather or suede to match the rest of the car's interior design.

Supporting the vehicle's roof and door, the A3 Audi A post plays an important role structurally in the overall safety of the car and its occupants. The A posts have a vital role to play in a collision by adding structure to and protecting the passenger area of the car, preventing it from crumpling, while absorbing some of the impact of a side collision.

A common reason for A post replacement is damage received in an accident. Buying a new A3 Audi A post will give you a part that's compatible with the make and model of your vehicle, ensuring this important structural body part can perform properly.

Audi A3 trivia

  • If you like your driving music loud, then the Audi A3 should be your car of choice. You can add a Bang & Olufsen sound system to the A3 that comes with a 705-watt unit and an impressive 14 speakers. Don't annoy your neighbours with it too much!
  • The Audi 50 was killed off in 1978, and Audi didn't even try to launch a small car in Europe until the Audi A3 in 1996 but didn't release the car in the UK for some time.
  • The Audi A3 TDI ClubSport Quattro was a concept car that was showcased in 2008. The unique A3 was more environmentally friendly but also came with a 2-litre diesel engine that produced 224hp.
  • The Lamborghini has unashamedly inspired the 2020 Audi A3. It comes with LED lights, and you can even opt for Matrix LED lights as an upgrade.
  • The original Audi A3 was only available as a three-door hatchback, but it did come with the option of front or four-wheel drive.