New and used Audi Gearboxes

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Cheap Audi gearboxes to buy online

Are you looking to replace your Audi’s gearbox? We understand how costly this can be, especially when buying brand new. But thanks to, you can replace your gearbox and save money by sourcing a used or reconditioned transmission box from a breaker yard. You can also locate new gearboxes through at a fraction of the cost of buying new from garages or retailers. Just click on the Find a Part button to start your search now.

We work with breakers across the country to help customers find the best prices possible for Audi gearboxes. Second hand car parts offer excellent value for money, because they provide the same working quality you’d expect from a new part but they cost a lot less.

Wide range of Audi gearboxes

Over the years, Audi has produced many first class car parts. They have an excellent range of gearboxes, ensuring there is something perfectly suited for everyone. Whether you like to change gear manually, or prefer the convenience and smooth ride provided by an automatic gearbox; you’ll be able to find a transmission suited to you and your needs.

Choose from a wide range, starting from the smooth S tronic and seamless multitronic automatic gearboxes, and ending with the traditional manual gearboxes. Whatever it is you’re after, we can help you locate a Audi gearbox in excellent condition.

Breakers with gearboxes ready to dispatch

We work with breakers throughout the UK, making it easier for you to find the gearbox you’re after. The sellers within our network of breakers offer a selection of new, used and reconditioned Audi gearboxes. Many gearboxes available from our sellers have been fully rebuilt and tested. Reconditioned transmission boxes have had their working parts replaced so they are essentially as good as new but available at significantly lower prices. When contacting a seller through the ‘add a note’ or ‘message seller’ functions, remember to ask what mileage the gearbox has done to give you an idea of how much life is likely to be left in it. We’d also recommend asking whether the gearbox comes with a warranty.

Not a lot of people realise that when a car is sent off to a breaker for whatever reason, whether it has been impounded by the police for having no tax, or it’s an insurance write off, the car often has a perfectly fine gearbox. The breakers take the vehicle apart, keeping anything that works. This gives them the opportunity to sell the gearboxes at far cheaper prices than you’ll find anywhere else.

The sellers we work with do everything they can to ensure they are offering the highest quality Audi gearboxes, at the most competitive rates possible. Keeping us at the top of the breaker industry.

Our network of independent breakers

We have been exceeding customers’ expectations for more than a decade now, providing an efficient, reliable and convenient service and helping you find, order and locate the Audi gearbox you’re looking for, all within a matter of days.

It’s easy; sit back in the comfort of your own home and fill in our online part finder form. We’ll get back to you with quotations from breakers throughout the UK. Once we have done this, you can choose from the numerous quotes provided. If you’d rather, there are a range of buy it now options on our website for you to take a look at. Choose from home and work delivery, or alternatively you can choose to pick the part up yourself. Whatever works best for you.

This eliminates the need to drive around the area, trying to find a breaker with the exact gearbox for your Audi in stock. There’ll be no need to spend hours on the phone to sellers. Simply use our part finder tool, and let us take care of the rest.