Used BMW 3 Series Axle Bush

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About Axle Bush

The 3 Series BMW axle bush is a steel and rubber unit which is of a stubby tubular shape, with a central smaller steel tube suspended in hard moulded rubber which accommodates the connecting bolt.

It's located on the joint between the axle and the chassis or subframe.

The 3 Series BMW axle bush allows the axle to move with the suspension keeping the vehicle from deviating and allowing the suspension to absorb fluctuations in the road surface and the forces associated with turning.

Over time the 3 Series BMW axle bush can become worn and the rubber begin to break down and become detached from the steel structure of the bush. This can result in metal to metal contact causing an audible knocking sound when the suspension moves and an instability in the handling of the vehicle. The renewal of the bushes require specialist tools and may require disconnection of the braking system.

BMW 3 Series trivia

  • If you bought an early 3 Series M Sport and kept it in working condition, they can sell today for up to £77,500.
  • The BMW 3 Series was first launched in 1975 to replace the 02 Series, which was one of the most popular high-end cars in the world at the time.
  • Due to the growing demand for cars that would be able to drive better on slippery, icy roads, BMW launched the BMW 325iX. It was the first 3 Series (and the first BMW) to come with all-wheel-drive.
  • A 2015 BMW M3 was used in the Tom Cruise film Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, in a scene where the car ends up being completely destroyed but still keeps its occupants safe.
  • The 3 Series E36 ended up with a sports version thanks to the previous success of the E30. The end result, the BMW Z3, was the first BMW to be built in the US.