Used BMW 3 Series Brake Caliper

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About Brake Caliper

On vehicles with rear disc brakes, the rear Brake Caliper is a unit which straddles the brake disc. This unit houses the brake pads, the piston that pushes the two pads onto the disc and on vehicles which use the pads for handbraking, the cable and pushrod mechanism for the handbrake. On some vehicles with rear disc brakes the handbrake has a separate drum, in the centre of the disc, with brake shoes.

The 3 Series BMW Brake Caliper Driverside Rear is positioned behind the wheel and straddles the brake disc,

When the foot brake is pressed the hydraulic system forces the fluid into the cylinder in the caliper which pushes the piston, which in turn pushes the brake pads onto the brake disc.Vehicles using the pads for the handbrake have a cable attached to the caliper which operates a pushrod inside the piston.

As the 3 Series BMW Brake Caliper Driverside Rear houses the cylinder for the piston that pushes the pad onto the brake disc it may be that the cylinder has been damaged causing leakage of hydraulic brake fluid or the seizing of the piston.

BMW 3 Series trivia

  • The G20 BMW 3 Series is the first of the line to come with its own personal assistant., By saying, “Hey, BMW,” you can control your G20 using voice commands only! It’s also the first BMW 3 Series to not have a handbrake.
  • The E21 Baur convertible was the first left-hand-drive 3 Series and was launched in 1977.
  • The BMW 3 Series was first launched in 1975 to replace the 02 Series, which was one of the most popular high-end cars in the world at the time.
  • Due to the growing demand for cars that would be able to drive better on slippery, icy roads, BMW launched the BMW 325iX. It was the first 3 Series (and the first BMW) to come with all-wheel-drive.
  • Not only was the fourth generation 3 Series, the E46, the first of the line to break three million sales, it also had the largest production run. In total, there were 3.27 million E46s rolled off the production line.