Used BMW 3 Series Steering Box

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About Steering Box

In order to translate the rotation of a motor vehicle’s steering wheel to the turning of its wheels requires some form of steering system. All motor vehicles have one of two types of steering system; either a rack and pinion system or a 3 Series BMWsteering box. The 3 Series BMWsteering box system works by translating the rotation of the steering wheel as the driver turns it into the left and right movement of the pitman arm, which connects to the front wheels via a track rod or centre link, idler arm (which resembles a pitman arm and is situated on the opposite side of the car) and tie rods. Most steering box linkages consist of ball bearings that circulate in a path. As a consequence, this type of 3 Series BMWsteering box system is known as the “re-circulating ball.”

In comparison to the rack and pinion system the 3 Series BMWsteering box has a greater degree of free play, which means that there is a greater tendency for the parts to wear.

If a 3 Series BMWsteering box is badly worn it will result in steering problems, which might include steering wheel shudder, tram-lining and play in the steering wheel. Because of the potential consequences of steering failure, a worn 3 Series BMWsteering box needs to be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

BMW 3 Series trivia

  • Due to the growing demand for cars that would be able to drive better on slippery, icy roads, BMW launched the BMW 325iX. It was the first 3 Series (and the first BMW) to come with all-wheel-drive.
  • The 3 Series E36 ended up with a sports version thanks to the previous success of the E30. The end result, the BMW Z3, was the first BMW to be built in the US.
  • Not only was the fourth generation 3 Series, the E46, the first of the line to break three million sales, it also had the largest production run. In total, there were 3.27 million E46s rolled off the production line.
  • The combined sales of every 3 Series model adds up to around 14 million units, which puts it in the ranks of the best selling cars of all time.
  • The E21 Baur convertible was the first left-hand-drive 3 Series and was launched in 1977.