Buy Used and Reconditioned BMW 3 Series Screen Washer Bottle Motor

Used BMW 3 Series Screen Washer Bottle Motor

All used BMW 3 Series Screen Washer Bottle Motor listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. listed used car parts for BMW 3 Series are from premium breaker yards from across the UK, saving you up to 80% compared to main dealer prices.

About Screen Washer Bottle Motor

The 3 Series BMW screenwasher bottle or reservoir is a container, usually moulded plastic, which sits in the engine compartment and holds between 1-2 litres of screenwash. By activating the screenwash motor a pump will send screenwash from the bottle to the screenwash jets and from there onto the windscreen. The position of the screenwasher bottle in the engine compartment may vary so it may be useful to check the vehicle handbook. The 3 Series BMW bottle usually has a blue cap and should have a stamp on it showing a graphic of the windscreen wipers with drops of water underneath it. To fill the screenwasher bottle, remove the cap and pour a mixture of screenwash and clean water into the bottle with a jug and funnel until the upper limit is reached.

There is a variety of screenwash available to mix with water when filling the screenwasher bottle. Most 3 Series BMW will have anti-freeze in to stop the mixture freezing in cold weather and water-softener which will help to keep the plastic tubes and jets clean. All screenwash is specifically formulated to clear road grime, debris and insects from the windscreen.

If your 3 Series BMW screenwash doesn’t come out of the jets when the stick-lever is operated it can mean that the filter in the screenwasher pump is clogged with debris.

BMW 3 Series trivia

  • The E46 3 Series is the best selling BMW in the world. There has been an impressive 3,266,885 sales of the E46, an incredibly high number for what is, ultimately, a luxury car.
  • Not only was the fourth generation 3 Series, the E46, the first of the line to break three million sales, it also had the largest production run. In total, there were 3.27 million E46s rolled off the production line.
  • Sales figures for the 3 Series went through the roof in the 1980s, thanks to the rise of Yuppies. Although BMW made a lot of sales, ultimately, the association harmed the BMW brand for a few years until the association with Yuppies started to fade
  • Due to the growing demand for cars that would be able to drive better on slippery, icy roads, BMW launched the BMW 325iX. It was the first 3 Series (and the first BMW) to come with all-wheel-drive.
  • The combined sales of every 3 Series model adds up to around 14 million units, which puts it in the ranks of the best selling cars of all time.