Used BMW 5 Series Brake Caliper

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About Brake Caliper

On vehicles with rear disc brakes, the rear Brake Caliper is a unit which straddles the brake disc. This unit houses the brake pads, the piston that pushes the two pads onto the disc and on vehicles which use the pads for handbraking, the cable and pushrod mechanism for the handbrake. On some vehicles with rear disc brakes the handbrake has a separate drum, in the centre of the disc, with brake shoes.

The 5 Series BMW Brake Caliper Driverside Rear is positioned behind the wheel and straddles the brake disc,

When the foot brake is pressed the hydraulic system forces the fluid into the cylinder in the caliper which pushes the piston, which in turn pushes the brake pads onto the brake disc.Vehicles using the pads for the handbrake have a cable attached to the caliper which operates a pushrod inside the piston.

As the 5 Series BMW Brake Caliper Driverside Rear houses the cylinder for the piston that pushes the pad onto the brake disc it may be that the cylinder has been damaged causing leakage of hydraulic brake fluid or the seizing of the piston.

BMW 5 Series trivia

  • The BMW 5 Series is the UK’s 16th most popular car and the 22nd most famous vehicle in the country. Owners of a 5 Series describe the car as well made with quality engineering, high-tech, and spacious.
  • The Tom Cruise action film Mission: Impossible - Fallout features several BMW 5 Series. The most often seen onscreen is the ‘86 BMW 5 Series Sedan.
  • You can choose your BMW 5 Series to have either rear-wheel drive or the xDrive intelligent four-wheel drive option. You can also upgrade to the ConnectedDrive feature, which can make emergency calls or network with other vehicles while offering Accident Severity Recognition.
  • The original BMW 5 Series was only available in the sedan model and only came with a manual gearbox as standard.
  • We all recognise the three-digit naming convention that BMW uses, but it was the 5 Series that started it all off. That means the 5 Series was the very first BMW to use the word ‘series’ in its official name.