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Used BMW Air Metering Units

All used BMW Air Metering Units listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. list cheap new OES or aftermarket car parts at discounted prices and used OEM car parts up to 80% cheaper than main dealer prices for BMW from premium breaker yards from across the UK.

About Air Metering Units

The BMW air metering unit works by measuring the air flow in the car's air intake system and sending these measurements to the car's ECU which, based on these measurements, will control the amount of fuel flowing into the engine and the point at which the ignition sparks. The BMW air metering unit essentially controls fuel consumption ensuring the engine is running as efficiently as possible.

An engine needs the correct amount of air and fuel flowing through it in order for the fuel to burn in the cylinders and for the engine to ignite or spark at the right time. If the ignition sparks at the wrong time, there will be less power in the engine and it will try to make up for this by using more fuel, which significantly reduces fuel efficiency, which in turn increases your car's CO2 emissions.

The BMW air metering unit has an air flow sensor, also called an air flow meter, which works by measuring the air flow and sending these measurements to the ECU. The ECU will then, based on these measurements, control the amount of fuel flowing into the engine and the point at which the ignition sparks.

The BMW air metering unit will, over time, wear out or stop working. When this happens, the performance of the engine could be affected and consumption of fuel and engine emissions will be higher. A fault in the BMW air metering unit means the engine will not be working properly or efficiently. A faulty BMW air metering unit will cause the Check Engine light to show on the dashboard to indicate a malfunction with the BMW air metering unit.  A broken air metering unit can sometimes prevent a car from idling properly (the ability for a car's engine to run whilst it is not moving) and may cause the engine to splutter and stall. If there is a fault with the BMW air metering unit, a replacement BMW air metering unit should be purchased.

BMW trivia

  • Pop Art legend Andy Warhol was asked to hand paint a BMW, and he did the whole thing on a full-sized model in 24 minutes. He said afterwards, "I adore the car, it's much better than a work of art."
  • Did you know that BMW built a Lamborghini? The two popular companies decided to make a race car together, but Lamborghini pulled out during the manufacturing process. BMW carried on, and the final result was the original BMW M1 supercar.
  • The main headquarters for BMW in Munich is designed and shaped to look like car parts. There was a whole new 'four-cylinder' building added on in 1973, and there's definitely the look of an engine about the architecture.
  • The BMW 3.0CSL was sold in the 70s and had the unusual addition of a spoiler that was kept in the boot. The owner could install it if they wanted to, but BMW couldn't sell the car with the spoiler attached because of road laws!
  • Electric cars might be all the rage now, but BMW built their first one in 1972 and called it the BMW 1602e. It didn't quite make it to market though, thanks to the fact that it could only hold a twenty-minute charge.