Used BMW Bootlid Tailgate Hinges

All used BMW Bootlid Tailgate Hinges listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. list used car parts for BMW are from premium breaker yards from across the UK, saving you up to 80% compared to main dealer prices.

About Bootlid Tailgate Hinges

The BMW bootlid tailgate is the lifting cover for the boot space on a saloon vehicle or the lifting door on a hatchback or estate vehicle. In the latter it will include the rear window, referred to as the tailgate hatch glass, in the former it will be a solid piece of bodywork. 

The bootlid tailgate is mounted to the frame of the car with BMW bootlid tailgate hinges, which are fixed to the car with either bolts or pins, to the boot space/luggage compartment at the rear of the vehicle. The   BMW bootlid tailgate hinges attach to either side of the bootlid tailgate and function to enable it to be mounted to the car and the bootlid to be opened and closed easily with the hinged mechanism.  The BMW tailgate hatch glass is set into the hinged BMW bootlid tailgate, forming a window, which lifts, opening the rear end of the passenger compartment.

The BMW bootlid tailgate hinges enable the door to be joined to the car, while the movable mechanism of the door hinge allows the door to swing open and closed. A hinge will have a great deal of stress and strain put on to it so it needs to be strong and durable. Door hinges are usually made of stainless steel because this metal does a good job at withstanding rust. There are many different types of hinges, but the hinges used in doors are usually made up of two sheets of shaped metal with holes for the bolts or pins, joined together by a barrell which is secured by a pivot, which enables the movement, allowing the door to be opened or closed. 

The hinge mechanism can wear out over time, and parts such as the pins or bolts can stop functioning properly due to old age or corrosion, making it difficult to open or close the bootlid tailgate with ease. If the bootlid tailgate hinges on your car seize up due to rust, the pin in the pivot joints will break. If there's a rattling sound coming from the bootlid tailgate, it's worth checking the  hinges as loose hinges can cause the bootlid tailgate to vibrate and shake. Misaligned or loose hinges can lead to the door moving from it's proper position, which can cause it to bounce back when you try to shut it, requiring you to lift the door up in order to close it. When you need to replace the hinges on your bootlid tailgate, buying a set of BMW bootlid tailgate hinges will ensure you get the right part for the make and model of your car.

BMW trivia

  • Everyone knows what the BMW logo looks like, but do you know what it represents? Most people think it's inspired by propellers (because of BMW's aviation history), but it's really just the same colour scheme as the Bavarian flag and was designed to showcase Bavaria.
  • The BMW company was founded way back in 1916 and originally manufactured engines for planes. High demand for plane engines during WWI was good news for BMW, but they carried on making plane engines right up until 1945.
  • That distinctive BMW car engine sound that new owners fall in love with might not be real. The BMW M5 has such a quiet engine that they had to install fake engine noises to keep drivers happy!
  • The BMW 3.0CSL was sold in the 70s and had the unusual addition of a spoiler that was kept in the boot. The owner could install it if they wanted to, but BMW couldn't sell the car with the spoiler attached because of road laws!
  • One of the reasons older BMWs keep their value is because it's easy to get spare parts for even the oldest models. That's because BMW has carried on making car parts, even for cars that were built in WWII.