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BMWs have a place in many car lover’s hearts. It’s common to see older models still on the roads, and as such it’s likely that a new gearbox could end up on your shopping list. As with any mechanical part, transmission boxes have a limited lifespan - with infrequent maintenance and harsh driving shortening this lifespan considerably. Even though this German manufacturer produces luxury automobiles, it doesn’t rank very highly in terms of reliability. Warranty Direct has ranked BMW 21 out of 39 manufacturers for transmission reliability.

When you’re looking for a new gearbox can save you time and money. We bring together the UK’s leading suppliers of BMW gearboxes to offer a one-stop-shop for new, used and reconditioned parts to our many satisfied customers.

Wide range of BMW gearboxes

With such a long history of car manufacturing, BMW has produced a number of different gear boxes. Its current offering comprises of an eight-speed automatic, seven-speed dual-clutch and six-speed manual. The dual clutch transmission (M-DCT) is only used in the M series cars because of the extra torque needed to compensate for the weight. Modern BMW transmission now includes EfficientDynamics technology, which boasts a gearshift indicator to help the driver use the optimum gear at the right time.

Breakers with gearboxes ready to dispatch

Unfortunately, a new gearbox could set you back more than your beemer is worth. Buying a used or reconditioned BMW gearbox will help to keep your prized possession on the road and out of the scrap yard in the sky. has a network of independent car breakers across the UK who stock BMW gearboxes. The transmission boxes are fully rebuilt and tested by breakers. Many are reconditioned, which means that the previously faulty inner parts have been replaced with brand new ones. Reconditioned gearboxes represent excellent value for money as you are replacing your worn gearbox with one that is as good as new without breaking the bank.

When you talk to the seller about the gearbox, ask them what mileage it has done as this will indicate wear and tear and therefore how much life is left in it. You should also ask if the gearbox comes with a guarantee.

Our network of independent breakers

For more than a decade we have been exceeding our customers’ expectations. There are many reasons why a car can end up at a scrap yard. Perhaps it is an insurance write-off or it’s starting to cost the owner too much to repair. Sometimes cars are scrapped when they are impounded by the police for having no tax and the owner chooses to relinquish ownership to avoid paying the impound charges. Whatever the reason for a BMW ending up in a breakers yard, the experienced yard workers are able to salvage working and usable parts, such as gearboxes, that could be perfect for your BMW. presents a new way of buying from scrap yards. You no longer have to drive around on a quest to hunt down that elusive BMW gearbox. Instead, just click on the Find a Part button, give us as much information about your car as possible and then we can provide you with quotes or buy it now options for the gearbox you need. The ‘add a note’ and ‘message seller’ functions on our site allow you to get assistance from our sellers if you don’t know too much about your BMW.