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Used Citroen Climate Control Modules

All used Citroen Climate Control Modules listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. list cheap new OES or aftermarket car parts at discounted prices and used OEM car parts up to 80% cheaper than main dealer prices for Citroen from premium breaker yards from across the UK.

About Climate Control Modules

An important component that is involved in the regulation of the temperature of a motor vehicle is the Citroenclimate control module. The Citroenclimate control module, sometimes described as the air conditioning system, controls the operation of the vehicle’s HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). The aim of the Citroenclimate control module is to provide a comfortable environment within the car for the driver and passengers by creating a comfortable temperature and providing good indoor air quality.

Like all car parts, the Citroenclimate control module may begin to show signs of wear and tear over the years. Possible indications that it is no longer working efficiently are a failure to heat and/or cool the vehicle effectively, a failure to distribute air around the car as required and a total failure to switch on. In the latter case it may be wise to check whether the cause is a blown fuse. If the fuse has blown it should be replaced. If it blows again, the cause of the problem is likely to be a short circuit in the wiring of the Citroenclimate control module.

If the problems with the Citroenclimate control module are such that it is no longer possible to drive the vehicle without substantial discomfort it will be necessary to repair it or find a replacement part.

Citroen trivia

  • Unfortunately, the founder of Citroën went bankrupt in 1934, even though the cars they produced were selling well and incredibly popular. The company exists today because tyre company Michelin bought the majority of shares in the company.
  • The 1934 Citroën 7CV was the first mass-produced car to have front-wheel drive, hydraulic brakes, and real suspension! This basic design found its way into subsequent models right up until three decades later in the mid-1950s.
  • Citroën was the first company to offer credit for buying cars! André Citroën registered a consumer credit company for the sole purpose of providing car buyers with the credit they'd need to buy one of his cars!
  • The founder of the company, André Citroën, is renowned as something of a genius when it comes to marketing. He specifically targeted adverts for the 1922 Citroën Type C at women owners, and soon after the car became very popular, earning the nickname 'Petit Citron' after the distinctive lemon yellow paint job.
  • French president Charles de Gaulle's life was saved by Citroën not once, but twice. In 1961 a Citroën DS managed to stay intact despite there being a bomb made of plastic explosive, dynamite, oil, and nails. It even managed to drive away from the scene. In 1962, de Gaulle was attacked again, this time with machine guns, but the Citroën again managed to get away from the would-be assassins.