Used Dacia Duster Throttle Body

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About Throttle Body

The Duster<Model> throttle body is a part of the engine's intake system which regulates the amount of air that is mixed with fuel for combustion.


The Duster<Model> throttle body houses a valve or flap know as the throttle plate which opens and closes to regulate airflow into the enginer. This is controlled by movement of the accelerator pedal by the driver although may also have additional input from the engine control unit (ECU).


The Duster<Model> throttle body is located on the top of the engine between the airbox/air filter and inlet/intake manifold which are often connected together with rubber, silicone or metal tubing.


Problems can occur with the Duster<Model> throttle body due to a build of of dirt or soot causing restrictions in the air flow or movement of the throttle plate.

Dacia trivia

  • The 1310 (the Dacia Denem) model came with some very understated marketing, including the now-famous slogan 'The Very Acceptable Dacia Denem'. However, the current slogan for the latest Denem is now 'Always Acceptable'.
  • Over two million Dacia 1300s were produced over the span of 35 years!
  • In the 1970s, there were two Dacia variants, the 1300 and 1300L. However, in 1974, the 1301 was launched, but it was reserved for officials in the Communist Party. One theory at the time claimed that there were two versions of the 1301. One for Romanians and one for export, to the point where locals would cross the border to buy a car!
  • The marketing for Dacia cars has been stellar, with a quirky approach that makes them stand out. The two most famous advertising campaigns highlighted the ridiculousness of many car accessories, with the 'Lawnmower feature?' campaign and the 'Mermaid?' adverts for the Dacia Sandero.
  • The Dacia 1100S model was one of the fastest standard cars available at the time of its production and was used by police forces across Europe as well as in motor racing.