Used Dacia Sandero Column Switch

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About Column Switch

Column Switch

The column switch, which is also known as the steering column switch or steering column control module, is a rod that protrudes from the steering column of the vehicle. The column switch is used to control a variety of different operations in the car. Most vehicles have at least two column switches, although some have three or four.  They are positioned to permit easy access to the controls of the vehicle without losing contact with the steering wheel. They also encase the electrical wiring that operates the various operations that they control.

There is a range of uses for a vehicle’s common switches. Originally they were used to shift (or switch) gears on automatic cars. This then progressed to controlling the vehicle’s indicators and windscreen wipers. Most frequently, column switches are now used to control windscreen wipers, headlights, the headlight beam, the horn, the indicators and screen washers. However, more sophisticated versions of the column switch, in higher range vehicles, can control audio systems, cruise control systems and the vehicle’s onboard computer.

The most likely causes of malfunction of a column switch are loose wiring or a blown fuse. However, if the steering column switch itself fails or is damaged it can be easily replaced. All major motor parts suppliers can access the appropriate replacement part specific to the model of vehicle concerned.

Dacia trivia

  • Between 1983 and 1985, Brits could buy one of three Dacia models. The Duster, the 1310 pickup, and the Denem. For a while, the Denem was the cheapest new car in the whole of the UK.
  • Dacia cars are only made in one manufacturing plant, based in Mioveni in Romania. That single plant produces an impressive 350,000 vehicles annually!
  • The 1310 (the Dacia Denem) model came with some very understated marketing, including the now-famous slogan 'The Very Acceptable Dacia Denem'. However, the current slogan for the latest Denem is now 'Always Acceptable'.
  • Currently, Dacia has only about 2% of the UK car market, but the company is still one of the biggest producers of cars in the whole of Europe. In terms of plant size, the Mioveni factory is the fifth biggest car factory in Europe.
  • The marketing for Dacia cars has been stellar, with a quirky approach that makes them stand out. The two most famous advertising campaigns highlighted the ridiculousness of many car accessories, with the 'Lawnmower feature?' campaign and the 'Mermaid?' adverts for the Dacia Sandero.