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Cheap Daewoo engines to buy online

Daewoo is known to be a pretty solid bet when it comes to overall reliability, although this does not extend to the reliability of its engines. According to Warranty Direct’s reliability index, Daewoo comes 29th out of the top 39 car makers in the world when it comes to the reliability of its engines, which probably doesn’t fill owners with much confidence. If the worst comes to the worst and you do need to replace your engine then is the place to look. We can help you source new, used or reconditioned replacement engines at affordable prices, getting you back on the road quickly and easily and without breaking the bank. The many happy customers has helped since being founded in 2003 is a testament to just how efficient and successful the service is.

Wide range of Daewoo engines

Daewoo has a number of different engines on offer when it comes to powering its great little cars, and breaker yards are the perfect place to find them. From 1.0 L S-TEC l4 petrol engines to 2.0 L straight four engines, there are power plants to suit all vehicles within the Daewoo range. To find the perfect engine for your model simply enter your details using the Find a Part box at the side of the page and wait for the quotes to come to you. Alternatively, you can choose to buy now from a range of engines ready and waiting in stock.

Breakers with engines ready to dispatch

We work with a network of independent breakers located throughout the UK, many of them stocking a wide range of Daewoo engines. This gives you plenty of choice when it comes to choosing your replacement engine, with all of the new, used and low mileage options coming with a warranty - although it is worth discussing the terms of the warranty with the seller when you buy. Whether you need a bare engine or a complete engine, with fuel pump, injectors and turbo included, you’re sure to find just the part you need.

Daewoo gearboxes also available

As well as helping you to locate the perfect replacement engine, can also help you to find replacement Daewoo gearboxes. Whether you need manual or automatic, can provide an affordable alternative to get you back on the road.

There are many reasons why people use, but the main one is the potential for saving money. New engines can be a huge expense for car owners, but buying from a breaker yard can often save you a sizeable amount of money. This is because breakers salvage Daewoo engines from cars that have been scrapped, which could be due to police impounds or insurance write offs. Often this doesn’t affect the integral components, like the gearbox and engine, so breakers strip all of the working parts off and test them thoroughly before selling them on at a fraction of the usual cost. A well maintained engine can last for many years, and breakers can help to make sure that no engines go to waste.

Our network of independent breakers is a hub for high quality breakers located throughout the UK. You can use our quick, efficient website to find the perfect Daewoo engine to get your car back on the road without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Instead, all you have to do is use the Find a Part box at the side of the page to enter your details and then we do all of the hard work for you. If you have any questions before you buy then the ‘message our sellers’ function on our website lets you contact a breaker directly, who will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.