New and used Ford Gearboxes

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Cheap Ford gearboxes to buy online

Ford cars are very popular and they are known to be generally very reliable. Warranty Direct conducted a study that shows us that Ford’s motors are the 7th most reliable in the industry. This is great news for any Ford owner. However, it doesn’t fare so well in terms of transmission, ranking down in 16th position. As with any car, the lifespan of the gearbox will depend on a number of factors including how it is driven and the frequency of maintenance. Changing a gearbox is an expensive task, prohibitively expensive for many. offers a service which will help you find, order and receive a new, reconditioned or used gearbox within a matter of days. This can help save you both time and money. Replacing your faulty gearbox with a used or reconditioned one will have you back on the road in no time without leaving your bank balance in a twist. Since starting back in 2003, has helped many happy customers receive used Ford gearboxes, saving them plenty of money on repairing their cars.

Wide range of Ford gearboxes

Having established over a hundred years ago, Ford has accumulated quite the collection of gearboxes. Ranging from Ford-O-Matic automatic to BC manual, there is something to suit the needs of all Ford drivers. So whether you’re after a 3-speed hydraulic transaxle automatic gearbox for your Ford Escort, or a MTX-75 ‘cologne’ manual gearbox for your Focus, we’ll have a breaker on hand to dispatch the right gearbox for you.

Breakers with gearboxes ready to dispatch

Here at, we understand just how expensive a gearbox can be when bought new from other sources. In fact, it could set you back more than the value of the car itself and some car owners find that it’s cheaper to replace the car than the gearbox. With, there’s no need to do this. We have a network of suppliers throughout the UK who stock a wide range of new, used and reconditioned gearboxes at affordable prices.

Cars are scrapped for a number of reasons. One of which might be because the insurer has written it off due to the repairs costing more than the value of the car. However, what a lot of people don’t realise is that when cars are scrapped, they usually have many fully working parts in them that can be saved by the breaker. This means that normally very expensive parts like gearboxes can be available to buy from a breaker’s yard at a far more affordable price. Many of the sellers we work with replace the faulty inner parts with brand new ones to ensure maximum value for money and longevity of your replacement gearbox.

When ordering your Ford gearbox, be sure to ask the seller what mileage the box has done to get an idea for wear and tear. Also, ask if it comes with a warranty.

Our network of independent breakers offers a service that makes the whole process a lot easier, eliminating the need to drive to and from breakers across the country or spend hours on the phone to sellers, looking for the exact gearbox needed for your Ford. Instead, sit back in the comfort of your own home and click on our Find a Part box to do your search. We’ll get back to you with buy it now options or quotes from breakers throughout the UK.

If you’d like to talk to a breaker directly or need some assistance, do not hesitate to use the Add a note or Message seller functions on our site. They’ll help you find the perfect part for your Ford.