Used and Reconditioned Ford Tailgates, Trims and Struts

About Ford Tailgates, Trims and struts

Ford cars fitted with a tailgate consists of a trunk whose only door opens vertically, often from the bottom to the top. This door is called "tailgate". It consists of a single block comprising both the rear window and the opening door. In addition to this rear window / door assembly, there are also windshield wipers and a de-icing device.

The Ford tailgate cylinder (or boot cylinder)  is a long rod whose pressure allows the door to open, to be pulled up and to stay high. Over time, and by using them, the cylinders wear out and it may be necessary to replace them. The Ford tailgate is useful for vehicles whose function is to transport objects whose volume is bulky, especially in height. The space of the Ford tailgate is thus greater, offering more storage space to the driver. In the case of a service car intended to carry professional equipment, or for a family going on vacation, this is therefore an asset.

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