Used Ford Transit Heater Resistor

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About Heater Resistor

A Transit Ford heater resistor is used to control the speed of the blower fan motor. In some vehicles the resistor is also used to control the air conditioning in a vehicle. Some SUVs or vans have a separate Transit Ford heater resistor in the front of the vehicle and one in the rear as they have two heater systems in the vehicle.

If a Transit Ford heater resistor fails, you may find that the heater fan will no longer blow on one or all of the in-vehicle settings. If the blower motor is causing problems, you could notice that using the vehicle’s heating or air conditioning system is noisy, which could be caused by a failing Transit Ford heater resistor. On inspection of a failed Transit Ford heater resistor, you will most likely find points on the resistor that are burnt. This could be caused by an unnatural amount of load on the heater resistor fan. This could be caused by insulation from around the fan being dragged in to the fan, causing it to struggle to turn freely. Transit Ford resistor failure can also be caused by the bearings of the fan becoming damaged, resulting in excessive draw.

Ford Transit trivia

  • The first Ford Transit was released way back in 1965. It was designed and launched as a replacement van for the Thames Van, which had seriously struggled to compete against the Bedford van.
  • In Switzerland, the size of the Ford Transit means that by removing the tyres it’s possible to drive the van along Swiss train tracks. Engineers would drive along the tracks to where they needed to work, then take the van off the tracks to drive home.
  • As you’d expect, Ford puts new Transits through a huge number of tests. The latest generation Transit was driven for 11-million kilometres (which equals 275 times around the world) and was driven in arctic conditions as well as the desert environment of Death Valley.
  • The factory in Langley, Berkshire where the Ford Transit was originally built used to be the manufacturing home for the Hawker-Hurricane fighter plane.
  • The Ford Transit has been spotted in more films than it’s possible to list, but the van played a major part in the Michael Caine film The Fourth Protocol. The van used in the film is the Transit 1.6 MkII.