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Used Ford Wheel Brace and Jacks

All used Ford Wheel Brace and Jacks listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. list cheap new OES or aftermarket car parts at discounted prices and used OEM car parts up to 80% cheaper than main dealer prices for Ford from premium breaker yards from across the UK.

About Wheel Brace and Jacks

The Ford wheel brace and jack are essential components of your vehicle tool kit.

The wheel jack is a useful apparatus which is positioned on the ground beneath the vehicle and attached to jack points on the chassis. It functions to lift and prop up the vehicle to enable repairs to be carried out, such as changing a tyre or carrying out undercarriage work safely.  A jack can be either mechanical, which requires more strenuous effort but gets the same result, electric or hydraulic. The jack is the necessary equipment to lift the vehicle safely, properly and with ease. The jack should be the right type for your vehicle, so buying a Ford jack will ensure it can carry and lift the weight of the specific make and model of your car. Normally there are four jack points, one behind each front wheel and one in front of each of the rear wheels. It's important to jack the vehicle up using these points to ensure this process is carried out correctly and safely. The wheel brace will enable you to tighten up and secure the wheel nuts on your vehicle, and  to loosen and remove them when required.  Wheel nuts are used to secure the wheels firmly to the vehicle which helps prevent them from coming loose and falling off. Wheel nuts function to make sure the wheels on the car stay firmly in place so are an important safety feature. The wheels are fixed onto the bolts or wheel studs on the axle of the car and can be secured by the wheel nuts with the aid of the Ford wheel brace.  The wheel nuts are designed with a threaded hole which matches the bolt it's threading onto, enabling a secure and firm grip. The wheel brace enables you to manoeuvre the wheel nuts, allowing you to remove the wheel to fix a problem, such as a flat tyre, and then secure it again to the axle afterwards. It's important to fit the wheel nuts properly and securely.  Ill fitting wheel nuts could lead to the wheels coming loose or becoming vulnerable to theft. This handy tool is the job for this task.

The wheel brace and jack are often stored in the boot of the vehicle so they can be easily found in case of an emergency. This is usually the location of the spare wheel in many cars so it makes sense to keep these components together. 

Car owners often choose to buy the wheel brace and jack to replace parts that have been lost, borrowed, misplaced or stolen. Buying the Ford wheel brace and jack will guarantee you get parts that are ideally suited to working with your vehicle, specifically designed for the make and model of your vehicle.