New and used Honda Gearboxes

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Cheap Honda gearboxes to buy online

Honda cars have a global reputation for being well-built and reliable cars. This is evidenced by a study conducted by Warranty Direct, which found that Honda cars are the most reliable in the industry, however in terms of transmission, they only rank in 24th position. This suggests that replacing transmission parts or the entire gearbox could become a reality for Honda drivers.

This can be very unpredictable and expensive; becoming a driver’s worst nightmare. But with it can be made a lot easier, and far more affordable. Used Honda gearboxes offer excellent value for money, keeping you going for many more miles without leaving a hole in your wallet. Here at we have helped many happy customers find, order and receive the car part they’re after within a matter of days, or even hours.

Wide range of Honda gearboxes

Having been around for such a long time, Honda has manufactured many gearboxes, using a variety of transmissions from H2 (two speed) to H6 (six speed). Honda has produced many automatic and manual gearboxes, from sequential, preselector and non-synchronous manual gears to manumatic, electrohydraulic, saxomat and dual clutch automatic gears.

With so many different gearboxes, it’s important to source the correct one for your car. Luckily, with our network of Honda gearbox suppliers there’s something available to suit the needs of every Honda driver. So whether you’re after a manual gearbox for your Civic, or an automatic for your Concept, we’ll be able to help find something suitable for you.

Breakers with gearboxes ready to dispatch is here to help you find the right gearbox for your car, and at the best possible price. We understand how expensive a Honda gearbox can be when bought new. In some cases, it may even set you back more than the value of your car. That’s why some people resolve to have their vehicle scrapped or traded in, having not realised all their options. Whereas with, it’s a whole lot cheaper and simpler because you can find a used gearbox at the fraction of the price of a new one.

When cars are scrapped, they’re sent to breakers who strip them and salvage the working parts, which might include an engine or gearbox. We work with a network full of leading Honda gearbox suppliers throughout the UK. Each of the sellers we work with has a range of not only used, but also new and reconditioned gearboxes. The suppliers often fully rebuild the gearboxes, replacing the faulty inner parts with brand new ones to ensure you are getting the most for your money and a gearbox that is almost as good as new.

Don’t forget to ask the seller about the mileage the box has done. You need to know in order to have a general idea of the wear and tear. Also, be sure to ask if it comes with a warranty.

Our network of independent breakers is here to make the whole process of replacing your Honda gearbox a lot easier. We eliminate the need to drive around the country, searching for a working gearbox. There’ll be no need to spend hours on the phone, talking to breakers and trying to track down the specific used Honda gearbox for your car. Instead, all you need to do is begin your search by clicking on the Find a Part button.

If however you do need to speak directly to a breaker for assistance; don’t hesitate to use the ‘add a note’ or ‘message seller’ functions on our site. They’ll be able to help you source the perfect part for your Honda. Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll get back to you with quotes or buy it now options from breakers across the country.