New and used Hyundai engines

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Cheap Hyundai engines to buy online

Hyundai is known to produce reliable vehicles, which are known to be some of the best in the industry. When looked after properly a Hyundai engine can last many years with no problems. But as with any vehicle, when mistreated, whether it’s accidental or not, you may run into a few issues with your Hyundai engine. Repairing an engine is generally the most expensive maintenance issue you can come across. We understand how frustrating it is having to fork out for a new engine. It may take time to get this done, meaning you may need to find a different way of getting around in the meantime, which can cause a lot of inconvenience. That’s why we’re here to help you find the engine you need at the right price, to get you back on the road in as little time as possible.

Breakers with engines ready to dispatch works with independent breakers across the UK. We can help source single engine parts, bare engines and full complete engines, which is what you need if you’re after an engine that comes with a fuel pump, injectors and so on. You can even talk directly to breakers for advice. Choose from used, reconditioned and low mileage engines. Many are available to buy now through our site. As for others we’ll get back to you with quotes. Rest assured each engine has been checked and is offered with at least one month’s guarantee.

Hyundai gearboxes also available

Not only can we help you find and buy engines for your Hyundai, but also gearboxes as well. Many of the breakers in our network stock manual and automatic Hyundai gearboxes, offering a far cheaper alternative to buying straight off the shelf at a retailer or garage.

A car may be scrapped for many different reasons. For example, if a car is involved in a crash and is heavily damaged, the costs of repair may become more than the overall value of the car, which could result in the insurance company writing off the car and having it scrapped. Alternatively the owner of a car might decide to sell the vehicle as scrap for a small payout. The breaker strips the car, taking anything in working order. This could be anything from a radio to a wheel, engine or gearbox, providing a cheap option to replace your parts.

Our network of independent breakers

Our large network of independent breakers is scattered across the United Kingdom, covering areas throughout the country. You can find out who’s stocking the engine you’re after by using our Find a Part box. Fill in as many details about your car as you can and we’ll get back to you with quotes and buy it now options for used and reconditioned Hyundai engines.

Here at we aim to provide a quick and convenient service that eliminates the need for you to call up or drive to and from suppliers in search for the engine you need. Instead, sit back, search for and buy a Hyundai engine from the comfort of your own home. Relax until we get back to you with a list of affordable quotes.

Wide range of Hyundai engines

Hyundai has produced many vehicles over the years, using a number of different types of engines. They have produced diesel and petrol engines, including straight three and four systems. They’ve also used various inline six, V6 and V8 engines in their automobiles. We work with some of the top Hyundai engine suppliers in the country, so rest assured whether you’re after a Powertec inline six 12-litre diesel engine, a V8 Omega 4.8-litre, or any other Hyundai engine, we’ll be able to help you find it. Many of the breakers have a large range of diesel and petrol engines in stock now, ready to send to.