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Used Iveco Intake Manifold Flap Motors

All used Iveco Intake Manifold Flap Motors listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. list cheap new OES or aftermarket car parts at discounted prices and used OEM car parts up to 80% cheaper than main dealer prices for Iveco from premium breaker yards from across the UK.

About Intake Manifold Flap Motors

The engine needs oxygen from the air in order for combustion to work. It's imperative that the car's engine is supplied with the correct amount of clean, filtered air. Air needs to be as clean as possible before it mixes with the fuel and burns in the cylinders of the engine. The overall result of this ensures the engine is working to its optimum, providing more power and fuel efficiency.  A car's air intake system consists of several vital components that work together to ensure the air entering the engine is a steady and uninterrupted flow of clean, filtered air.  The inlet manifold ensures the air or fuel/air mixture is provided to the inlet/intake ports in the cylinder heads in the engine.  The Iveco intake manifold flap motor functions to help to bring the engine to a halt faster by shutting off the air supply to the intake.

The intake manifold flap motor is the flap at the entrance to the EGR valve, built into the EGR housing but separate to the EGR valve, located between the exhaust and inlet manifold, and can be seen when the intake hose is removed.

The inlet manifold, consists of a selection of pipes or tubes, usually manufactured from a specialised strong plastic, that function to deliver the air equally to each of the cylinder heads in the engine. This vital part works to ensure the air is divided evenly, so an equal quantity of air is flowing into each of the cylinders at the same time, so that precisely the right amount of air can mix with precisely the right amount of fuel in the cylinders in order for combustion to occur. Usually when the engine is running the intake manifold flap motor is in the open position, allowing air to reach the engine. The Iveco intake manifold flap motor shuts when the engine is stopped and is essentially an anti-shudder valve, helping to stop the shudder/shake that occurs when the engine is stopped. It helps to bring the engine to a halt faster by shutting off the air supply to the intake.

If this component breaks when the valve is open you may notice the engine shaking excessively when you shut the engine off. If this part breaks when in the closed position it can become jammed shut and the engine will not start as the air supply will be blocked and the engine won't get any air. Replacing this part with a Iveco intake manifold flap motor will provide a part that fits securing, works well and lasts longer.

Iveco trivia

  • With a physical presence in all five continents, Iveco is probably a bigger company than you think. They have around 25,000 employees, 27 production plants, and over 5000 service outlets.
  • In 1986, Iveco rolled out its first vehicle with electric propulsion. This was a trial, but it was quickly adopted across their full range of buses, as well as many of their truck models.
  • Iveco loves a good sponsorship deal. To date, they have sponsored the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, the All Blacks rugby team, and the MotoGP. They even provide the trucks needed to transport Ferraris for F1 races.
  • As winners of the IF Design Award in 2020, Iveco has joined the ranks of some of the most beautiful and practical products in the world. The prestigious award is granted to only the best in designed products, and the Iveco S-Way is the perfect example.
  • Between 1975 and 1979 alone, Iveco had more than 200 basic vehicles for sale, with over 600 versions in total! No wonder they had got such a big market share so quickly.