Used Jeep Bonnet Stay Rods

All used Jeep Bonnet Stay Rods listed on are tested, original (OEM) manufacturer parts and come with a 14 day money back guarantee. list used car parts for Jeep are from premium breaker yards from across the UK, saving you up to 80% compared to main dealer prices.

About Bonnet Stay Rods

The bonnet is a crucial part of the car body, for beneath it is housed some of the most important components a car needs in order to run. In most cars the bonnet is the hinged cover that protects and allows access to the engine compartment. The Jeep bonnet stay rod is a sturdy metal rod (often with a rubber sleeve which stops it rattling against the bonnet when the car is in motion) which functions to prop the bonnet open and hold it in place.

The bonnet is fixed to the frame at the front of the car and, with the action of hinges, opens outwards. A bonnet is made up of an outer panel which is designed to be smooth and streamlined, and an inner panel which is strong and offers protection to the engine beneath.  The bonnet usually works with a latch mechanism. It is held down by a latch which stops it from opening unexpectedly whilst driving along and also acts as a lock. The bonnet can be opened from the exterior, by releasing the latch, hidden just under the bonnet lip, or by pulling a small lever inside the car, which is attached to the bonnet pull cable, which causes the bonnet to pop open. The bonnet can then be propped open and held in place by the Jeep bonnet stay rod.

The bonnet stay rod is usually held into the bonnet by a clip or grommet and attached with a hinged mechanism. The other end of the bonnet stay rod can be fixed into place in  the engine compartment (some models are bent in the shape of a hook) so that the bonnet can be opened fully and held up, firmly supported by the bonnet stay rod.

If damage occurs to the bonnet stay rod or it has simply seen better days and come to the end of its functioning life, buying a Jeep bonnet stay rod will ensure you get the right part for the make and model of car.

Jeep trivia

  • There is a 1953 Willys Jeep on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, with the curators calling it "an example of automotive design in its purest form." The Jeep was added to the museum's collection in 2002.
  • Former US President Ronald Reagan was a big fan of the Jeep and was often seen driving around his ranch in his much-loved CJ8.
  • There's a whole sport called Jeeping, and it's been running since 1953. It's a trek that usually takes place along the Rubicon Trail in the US, and 'Jeep Jamborees' are now so popular that Jeep even attends the events, often bringing new concept vehicles to show off.
  • Jeeps have a distinctive flat slotted grill, but it's actually Ford that designed this part. Originally, the grill consisted of 13 slots, but by 1945 the number had dropped to seven.
  • In the action film, Furious 7, a customised Jeep dropped out of an aeroplane, along with some of the other classic cars used in the film. Usually, this kind of stunt would use only the chassis of the cars, but for F7, they just dropped the fully built cars from the cargo plane and hoped for the best.